Sunday, 8 May 2016

Week 254 Wrap Up

Sometimes, a pony needs to work alone. They might be handling a small task that doesn't require more than one worker; too many cooks spoil the soup, as they say. Or perhaps they're the only one present who can handle the job. This could be the result of other workers being sick, or perhaps away on vacation. Or it could be that this one pony is the only wizard in all of Equestria that knows how to safely dissipate the Harmonic Dissonance Emanations left behind by Discord's bout of the Blue Flue.

But for many ponies, having an assistant makes the task at hand considerably easier. Farmers need stout ponies to aid with planting, and later harvesting, the crops. Captains need deckhands to raise the sails and watch for land. Generals need fast messengers to relay commands to the troops. Even that previously-mentioned Wizard will appreciate having an apprentice around who can tell the difference between an alembic and a retort, and thus will not fetch the first when the wizard asked for the second.

Thus, this week we celebrate the assistants, co-workers, apprentices, and followers, without whom completing many tasks would not be possible!

Gallery for Week 226

01. Speedy526745

One doesn't expect an ice cream disguise, what frozen treat would hide spies? - fetchbeer

02. Redquoza

Assistants deserve some recognition, though he seems to want an exhibition. - fetchbeer

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