Sunday, 28 August 2016

Week 270 Wrap Up

Chitter clack. Clickety chirp chirp, buzzbuzzbuzz! Uhh... Clacky thorax? Hmm. Trying to communicate in bug-speak doesn't seem to be working; I'm just getting confused looks from all of you. Maybe it would work better if I actually knew an insect language.

So yeah, no more attempts at insect speak. If I'm not careful, I could accidentally say something rude about a changeling's mother. And you wouldn't want a changeling mad at you! And why do you not want a changeling mad at you, you might ask? Because they're master pranksters! And believe me, you do not want to find yourself involved in a prank war with a shapeshifter!

But thankfully, we don't need to worry about that now, as pranks were last week's theme. So go ahead and enter our gallery now, and peruse this weeks artistic creations without any fear of me being a changeling in disguise that will put 'Kick me' signs on your backs as soon as you walk past me.

No seriously, I'm not a changeling. Would this face lie to you? *fangy grin*

Gallery for Week 270

01. Speedy526745
There was a bet between the two regarding the new soup recipe she was being taught. This is the result of that bet.

Sometimes cooking doesn't turn out right, though it often contains a dash of spite! - fetchbeer

02. Scyphi
Been a little while since I submitted anything...and this happened to fit the theme.

Sometimes what we don't expect comes to pass, though usually they deserve some sass - fetchbeer

03. G-DO-29--Anagram
A continuation of ATG 251.

Sometimes all you need is a kind boop, enough to make your ears not droop. - fetchbeer

04. AaronMk
Lovely, brothers. Lovely!

This changeling seems prepared to charge, or at least in the lounge recharge. - fetchbeer

05. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

Everyone needs a friend to hug, even one who is a giant bug. - fetchbeer

06. dredaich

Royal boops are quite nice, though they may come at a price. - fetchbeer

07. HalflingPony
An Elegant Lady

Can elegance be kept with extra legs? One may think so, but forgetting eggs. - fetchbeer

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