Sunday, 4 September 2016

Week 271 Wrap Up

Zounds! Thou hast cometh! Alas and alack, thine presence warms the very cockles of my heart! Forsooth, that time is verily upon us! Hmm. 'Verily upon us'... is that correct?

Bah, enough of that. Ye Olde Canterlot Speak is almost as hard as emulating Zecora, and I don't think any fantasy gamers actually speak that way anyways. Or at least, not any more. So yeah, enough of that.

Fantasy has been the name of the game this week, and the gaming ponies are out in force! So set aside your multi-sided dice and foam-covered swords, and take a gander at our fantasy-themed gallery! Perhaps you'll find some inspiration for your next game.

Gallery for Week 271

01. G-DO-29--Anagram
Forget roleplaying, how about an entire roleplaying game? This was supposed to be part of a larger comic but this ended up looking so good, I decided to export it standalone, title and all, and now I'll use this at the ATG submission instead. And yes, this is what I look like in Runescape right now.

Ruler of all that he can see, at least between the dunes and sea. - fetchbeer

02. Speedy526745
Maple here is cosplaying as the DnD character I've been playing lately. Looking back, the two are actually quite similar...

Nothing to small for her to hit, whether with an arrow or with wit. - fetchbeer

03. Cobralash

Finding shadows of those you lost, reminding you of the awful cost. - fetchbeer

04. Lemon-Bitter-Twist
Wings outside the costume next time?

Always watch out for that little drop, it may make your ears go pop. - fetchbeer

05. dredaich

A small change you may not see, but I now have a metal knee. - Fetchbeer

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