Sunday, 18 September 2016

Week 273 Wrap Up

OhWowYou'reAllHere! ThisIsSoAwesome! I'mSoGladToSeeYouAllHereToday, AndWhatDoYouMeanI'mTalkingTooFast?

Oh, whoops. Sorry about that. I guess I got a little carried away... Okay, yes. A lot carried away. But can you blame me for getting a little excited, or a lot, when being energetic and excited is the theme for the week? This is such a great theme idea and it'll result in some great action poses and ItTotallyWasn'tEvenMyIdeaAndI'mDoingItAgain,Aren'tI?

Ahem. Well, I'll let you go ahead and view the gallery now, before my vocal chords go overboard again. But I just can't help it! This theme has just got me so excited AndIJustCan'tContainMyselfAnd, err... right. Well, that'll be all from me, so feel free to peruse the gallery now.


Gallery for Week 273

01. Speedy526745

A mystery trip is quite nice, as long as it doesn't end in ice. - fetchbeer

02. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

Was she turned to steel, in a great magnetic field? - fetchbeer

03. HalflingPony
Energized Pony

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