Sunday, 16 October 2016

Week 277 Wrap Up

Quack. Quack quack quaquack quack. Quaquackquack quack quaquack. Quack quack quack!

Quack quaquack quackquack. Quack quacky quack. Quack quacka quackquack. Quaquacky quacka quack. Quackquack quacka quack! Quackity quackquack quacka quack. Quacky wacky quackquackquack! Quackity quack quickquack!

Quack quackquack quack quaquack. Quackity quaquack quacky? Quack quack!

Hmm... In retrospect, perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to let the duck write the Blogger post this week. Ah well, too late now.

Gallery for Week 277

01. Vaser888

Not the nurse I want to see, stabbing a needle into me. - fetchbeer

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