Sunday, 30 October 2016

Week 279 Wrap Up

Quacky Quacka Quackquack. Quack quacky... err, quaquack? Umm...

Bah, this just isn't working. I have some important work to do this week, the kind that requires cooperating with a specialist. The problem is, that specialist... is a duck. And while that duck understands Equestrian, she can't actually speak it. It's not exactly easy to form Equestrian words when one does not have lips, after all. But it still makes conversation more than a bit difficult.

This task would be a lot easier with a translator available to aid us, but Fluttershy will be out of town next week. But at least she has been willing to aid me by trying to teach me how to understand the duck language. Which is not the slightest bit easy to pick up given that I don't have an animal-related talent like she does, but if I can understand even a little of what my partner is saying, it will make things a fair bit easier.

But enough about me. I'm certainly not the only one who has needed to handle an awkward team up, after all. Indeed, that has been the theme for this week's creations. So feel free to peruse the gallery, and take a gander at all the awkward artwork in there!

Hmm. That didn't come out quite right. Awkward...

Gallery for Week 279

01. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

The costume brings out the inner beast, longing for a candy feast! - fetchbeer

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