Sunday, 4 December 2016

Week 284 Wrap Up

Okay, time for this blog to take a level in... err, I probably shouldn't finish that statement. This is supposed to be a family-friendly place, after all.

*ahem* Well, it's time to power up! Indeed, it has been time to power up all week, as that is the theme for this week and all. Well, that and levelling up. But at least it's not a week of throwing up... err, sorry. *ahem*

Hmm... I think this blogger has taken a level in brain farting this week. At any rate, I think I'd better give up on this let you into the gallery before I say anything else that could make tempers flare up. So go on ahead and peruse all the art that's been put up this week!

Gallery for Week 284

01. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

A brief and colorful flash of color, and suddenly she is a better brawler! - fetchbeer

02. Star Catcher

Always trying something new, though mainly antics do ensue. - fetchbeer

03. Vaser888

A rousing cheer to move the crowd, shouting often and shouting loud. - fetchbeer

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