Sunday, 27 November 2016

Week 283 Wrap Up

@#*^$#^$@ &^*%$ #@#$*&^...

Why am I swearing so much, you ask? Oh that's not swearing. I'm just practicing my Q-Bertian. But enough of that, for we have a gallery to open! And I am quite happy to do so.

And yes, it may seem odd for me to be happy given the theme for tonight's gallery, but I can't help but be excited for each opening! Even when said opening is for an anger-themed exhibit. Besides, how would we attract a crowd in here with an angry frontman?

But enough of that. It's time to officially open for the night, so go ahead and peruse this week's pictures to your heart's content. I promise not to get peeved no matter how long you linger this evening.

Gallery for Week 283

01. AaronMk

As if they have the required will, they couldn't even pass a bill. - fetchbeer

02. Vaser888

A stare that can freeze your very soul, letting you know you aren't in control. - fetchbeer

03. Lemon-Bitter-Twist

How dare this fruit grow on her tree, it's not fit for a pony. - fetchbeer

04. AaronMk
"What a lust for revenge."

Far beyond the fiery gates, in the depths this creature waits. - fetchbeer

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