Sunday, 26 November 2017

Week 335 Wrap Up

Alright, everypony. Put on your yarmulkes, because it's time to celebrate... wait, it isn't? Dangit, I seem to be getting ahead of myself. Then it must be time for the jingly bells and flying deer holiday! Ho, ho, h...old it, you say? Not that one either? Hmm...

Ah, so it must be the skeleton holiday, then! No, nonono, I don't mean the spooky scary skeleton holiday. I'm talking about the remembrance of ancestors skeleton holiday! That one isn't nearly so scary. Wait, it's not that one either? Well, is it the one where everypony comes to view those trees with the pink blossoms? Not that one either? Well, which holiday is it, then?

Oh! So it's that holiday. No wonder all the turkeys in town have been hiding behind Fluttershy's cottage. Somepony should tell them that Equestria doesn't actually celebrate that one. I'm sure they'll be thankful for that bit of info.

Gallery for Week 335

01. AnimatorWil

Always have time to give a hug, never leave them with a shrug. - fetchbeer

02. TunRae

Fill up your stomach with your friends, but don't be sad when it ends. - fetchbeer

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