Sunday, 3 December 2017

Week 336 Wrap Up

It's music time! How does a little Jailhouse Rock sound? It certainly fits this week's Gallery theme, after all. For this week, we celebrate those ponies who have spent time in the slammer! Well, 'celebrate' is not really the best word for this theme, is it. After all, going to the big house is not exactly a positive thing. But even in a land like Equestria, it is sometimes a necessary thing. Sometimes you just gotta throw a pony in the dungeon. Or banish them, and then throw them into a dungeon in the place you banished them to.

Of course, some threats are too potent to hold in a typical dungeon. To bottle up such a dangerous felon, potent magic is often required. Something on the level of banishing the danger straight to Tartarus, or sealing them inside of the Moon itself. Though don't mention that last bit around the Princesses; they'll not likely react positively. Unless, of course, you actually want a one-way ticket to the infernal pits of Tartarus. But I highly doubt you would.

'Twould make it rather difficult for you to visit this Gallery, after all.

Gallery for Week 336

01. TunRae

A wall of glass surrounds your soul, and slowly isolation takes it's toll. - fetchbeer

02. AnimatorWil

Forcing a part of yourself away, but what price will you pay? - fetchbeer

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