Sunday, 24 December 2017

Week 339 Wrap Up

"Everybody's working for the weekend
Everybody wants a little romance
Everybody's goin' off the deep end
Everybody needs a second chance."

You know, I've never really understood the first line of that chorus, as the rest of the song makes no mention of 'working' at all. There must be some meaning to this that is just going right over my head. Fortunately, this week's theme is much more straightforward than this musical line, and thus much easier for me to understand. And that theme, of course, is being on the job. So I shall cut this monologue short and get right on to my job, which is to open up the Gallery for you all:

Gallery for Week 339

01. TunRae

He must take forever to make his armor gleam, though it does give him a right to beam. - fetchbeer

02. AnimatorWil

Even the most stressful jobs need to have some mirth, especially those involving childbirth. - fetchbeer

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