Sunday, 11 February 2018

Week 346 Wrap Up

Brick-a-brack-a firecracka, shish boom baaaa...ah'm not feeling this. I think I've made that reference before, anyways. Being a cheerleader is not easy when you're not exactly the most energetic of ponies, but at least I'm not out on the field. Seriously, how do those ponies maintain that kind of energy level? Constantly running and spinning and diving and leaping; I get tired just thinking about it.

Which is why I prefer my work here at the Gallery. Not nearly as much running around involved. Well, usually... Things do get pretty hectic around here when a major villain is on the loose, but that's usually only twice a year at most. And that's much easier to deal with than trying to keep up that pace through a full season of a typical sport.

But enough about that. It is time to open the Gallery this evening, so let us go ahead and do just that.

Gallery for Week 346

01. AnimatorWil
Rarity says: Focus is the key to victory, darlings!

Does she aim for a hole in one? Or just come out to have some fun? - fetchbeer

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