Sunday, 15 January 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 29

Heya, everypony! Lunar Apologist here!

Have I mentioned recently that you all impress me on a near-continual basis? Because you totally do! We had a more-difficult-than-average theme this week, and you all stepped up and delivered an amazing 58 informative entries!

And when I say "informative," I mean it! You all have put together some really comprehensive and entertaining guides and how-tos. I know I've seen a few things I want to try in my next drawings, and I hope that all of you find some of the same! Well done, everypony! :D

Now, let's get to these guides, eh?

1 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

2 JusExcon (I can't believe you can use MS Paint, to do such things would make me faint! - fetchbeer)

3 Otterlore

4 Chromadancer

5 KaurauTheFox (I do not think you're being fair, as in steps this guide is rather bare. - fetchbeer)

6 Kama-ItaeteXIII (I don't think I'd seen it done quite that way before! -Lunar)

7 hip-indeed

8 GiantMosquito (I do not think you're being fair, as in steps this guide is rather bare. - fetchbeer)

9 FerrousOxideMolecule

10 G-DO-29--Anagram

11 AmbroseButtercrust (To be drawn Berry Punch looks quite surprised, though to watch her step she should be advised. - fetchbeer)

12 EvilDocterMcBob

13 BrightChimeraDragon

14 demented-Mr-Paulsen

15 brokenhero0409 (Indeed, why is this ponies head so vast? Though I'm sure this question so many have asked! - fetchbeer)

16 SpectralSpon (I've been doing it wrong all this time! -Lunar)

17 toonboy92484

18 041744

19 larrle (Twilight leans forward as if entranced, as around your art your stylus danced. - fetchbeer)

20 Streled

21 aoshistark

22 SamuelEAllen

23 ZeldaTheSwordsman

24 Alumx (Not bad for a first time entry ever, and your tutorial is rather clever! - fetchbeer)

25 Famosity

26 MrSevens

27 Chromadancer

28 Invidlord

29 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (I'm glad you share you technique for shading, and in others art you are aiding. - fetchbeer)

30 FoxOFWar

31 jenasu

32 Muffinsforever

33 Doppelgangsta

34 p3gas1ster (I always loved the look of clunky colts, though one wonders if they are fed nuts and bolts! - fetchbeer)

35 Scyphi

36 Miroslav46

37 GoggleSparks

38 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

39 ChalkZoned

40 JimTheCactus (That is an awesome video of how you draw, and sped up it inspire awe! - fetchbeer)

41 Nowler

42 Jdan-S


44 Philith (I don't know that I could afford this plan! -Lunar)

45 Delta-Pangaea (I rather like the bald Carrot Top, though she does look better with that mop! - fetchbeer)

46 Wolferahm (I don't know that I could afford this plan! -Lunar)

47 MoonlightScribe

48 ToyaBigEyes (This guide is amazing for so many reasons! :D -Lunar)

49 RaspleZS

50 LeafGrowth (Of late I am always stuck on step one, and never get to have my fun. - fetchbeer)

51 Acceleron

52 lunarapologist

53 Fox-E

54 Prismatic-Pretzel

55 TerribleTransit

56 naytree

57 JeffMartinez

58 thattagen

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