Sunday, 8 January 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 28

Howdy, everypony! As per usual, I'm your wrap-up host, Lunar Apologist! And here tonight, we've got a full compliment of 50 images for your viewing pleasure! In here, we've got everything from ponies doing their jobs, attending school (hey, it's a lot of work, am I right?), and solving for Work!

(Seriously, we need more puns. I love 'em!)

And, as always, a great job has been done by all of our valiant participants - with plenty being provided by some established ATG names, and some more from relative newcomers!

Hi, newcomers! Glad you're here with us! :)

Anyway, you're not here to listen to me ramble! You're here to look at some pictures! So, without further ado, let's get to it!

1 GiantMosquito (Fezzes are cool. -Argembarger)

2 Wolferahm (Huzzah for the workerpony! -Lunar)

3 ToyaBigEyes (I'm pretty sure there are laws for this! -Lunar)

4 netcyber (So... boring... -Lunar)

5 taburde

6 SamuelEAllen (Trying to explain this is the worst. -Lunar)

7 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (W may be f*d but w is 2π/T -Argembarger)

8 JimTheCactus (I love the swooshy brushwork on the clouds! -Lunar)

9 Streled

10 hip-indeed (derpy.additem 0001397E 11 -Argembarger)

11 dtcx97 (Poor Trixie :( -Lunar)

12 demented-Mr-Paulsen (D: D: D: -Lunar)

13 daniel-h-n

14 Philith (Noooo! Stay good, Luna! -Lunar)

15 Eva-Janova

16 Ailynd (Always nice to see a pony taking pleasure in their work! -Lunar)

17 FerrousOxideMolecule

18 Nun2artzy (Bluh, I hate when this happens :( -Lunar)

19 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Dash isn't an early riser, apparently... -Lunar)

20 JunaECBS

21 Goggle Sparks (Wait, isn't she too young to be selling that stuff? Much less drinking it! -Lunar)

22 Miroslav46

23 ponylover778 (One of the great under-appreciated professions! -Lunar)

24 Shveyk

25 Volmise (This is gorgeous! :D -Lunar)

26 Philith (This creeped me out a little, not gonna lie. -Lunar)

27 MoonlightScribe (Twilight needs to find this shop! Business would pick up immediately! -Lunar)

28 StyxD (But the pirates knew that wouldn't work. Only all of the nuclear weapons on Earth could blow the moon from orbit. So that's what they did. -Argembarger)

29 JDan-S (Awww, this is adorable in so many ways! -Lunar)

30 Otterlore (Oh, so Daisy's one of THOSE co-workers! :P -Lunar)

31 JeffMartinez

32 EvilDocterMcBob

33 Rhanoa Silly Dinky! That hat's too big for you :3 -Lunar)

34 widsithgrey (This amuses Us greatly! -Luna)

35 brokenhero0409

36 ZeldaTheSwordsman (So much paperwork! -Lunar)

37 TheWormOuroboros (The horizontal component of work, anyway. Presumably, Rainbow Dash does all the high-up stuff. Oh, wait... -Argembarger)

38 Acceleron (Poor pony can't catch a break! -Lunar)

39 Invidlord

40 AmbroseButtercrust

41 NME-NRG (She's awful weak for such a little pon- wait, no, that's about right. -Lunar)

42 G-DO-29--Anagram

43 pinkie-pie-ninja (Yay! -Lunar)

44 brokenhero0409 (I like what you've done with the sunset! -Lunar)

45 kuroiTsubasaTenshi

46 Delta-Pangaea (Drop the bass! -Lunar)

47 Prismatic-Pretzel

48 Fox-E

49 RunbowDash (I see what you did there! -Lunar)

50 Terrible Transit (The short story you've got behind this is beautiful. -Lunar)

51 naytree

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  1. Argembarger made the best comments this time. #28: How to Kill a Mockingbird. Watch it if you don't understand.

    (In other news yay stories. Writing is fun!)