Sunday, 29 January 2012

Weekly Wrap Up 31

Weekly wrap-up, weekly wrap-up!
Let's show off our art right here!
Weekly wrap-up, weekly wrap-up!
Because tomorrow a new theme is here!
Tomorrow a new theme is here!

Seriously, that song goes through my head every time I do this blog. I can't decide if it's annoying or awesome.

Maybe both? Or neither? I have no idea anymore.

Anyway! Lunar Apologist here, with your week dose of image-compilation. And you know what; you ponies have done splendidly on this theme! I know (truth be told) it was something of a weak one, and the inestimable Blogprincess Phoe was running her Mock War all week, and that took a lot of time.

Even with that, though, you've all got in a very solid 45 entries this week! Way to go! :D

Have I ever told you all that you're awesome? Because you're awesome, and you should know that!

Brohoofs for all! :D

And I have nothing else to ramble about this week, so I'm just going to send you right along to look at the images! Whee!

1 PonyPowa (Tough love, baby - Atlur)

2 Ailynd (Feels like a fighting game. I like it - Atlur)

3 FairyBubblePuppy (On your marks, get set... - Atlur)

4 NewFrenchArtist

5 BGKyouhen (I have to admit, she is good. I can't compete with a pony that has not blinked for about a weeks time. - Arcum)

6 Invidlord (You sank my battleship! - Atlur)

7 TLATopHat (So tense you can feel it in the air! It's electric - Atlur)

8 SamuelEAllen (I have to admit, she is good. I can't compete with a pony that has not blinked for about a weeks time. - Arcum)

9 FerrousOxideMolecule (I never was much good with magic cards, and all my rares become discards. - fetchbeer)

10 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (As this last episode proved, she's clearly won in that arena - Atlur)

11 dotHampster

12 Midnight-Dragon15

13 K4nK4n (Unicorns usually have the upper hoof in weapon sparring, interesting to see it the other way around - Atlur)

14 CheckeredMarionette8 (But Derpy surely is the fairest mare, who could resist her blonde hair. - fetchbeer)

15 BronyGunso

16 Miroslav46 (This is awesome, and I don't know what else to say - Atlur)

17 TeenBulma (I bet it would be quite a race between those two - Atlur)

18 Famosity (Wow, that may be the prettiest Dashie I've ever seen - Atlur)

19 RunbowDash

20 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (If only this show moved somewhat quicker, the length of fights just makes me snicker. - fetchbeer)

21 DarkKnightWolf2011

22 Scyphi (I am as surprised as Twilight. I guess Spike has been reading up on chess, with all the time he spends in the library - Atlur)

23 MoonlightScribe

24 MoonlightScribe (I filled this out and sent it in, how long until I get to win? - fetchbeer)

25 hip-indeed (Truly a this will be a competition to be remembered - Atlur)

26 Tunskaa (This makes me laugh more than it probably should, hehe - Atlur)

27 Jdan-S

28 Otterlore

29 larrle (It's a pants-off dance-off! - Atlur)

30 Acceleron (Spitfire is quite a saucy mare, who looks even better with brushed hair. - fetchbeer)

31 BrokenHero (I like this a lot, but the detail that really stands out to me the most is your use of the sun - Atlur)

32 NikkuWalkanov (I would love to judge a baking competition - Atlur)

33 Prismatic-Pretzel (Pegasus sports are intense - Atlur)

34 Ambrose Buttercrust

35 splashshysden (This is super cute, well done - Atlur)

36 Jeff Martinez (Pinkie would be the one to scoot like that, I wonder how she'd race a cat. - fetchbeer)

37 Delta-Pangaea

38 ZeldaTheSwordsman (Haha, Trixie. Oh you - Atlur)

39 JimTheCactus (She gets an A for effort - Atlur)

40 LeafGrowth

41 TerribleTransit (I imagine this would be equally difficult, if not impossible, for Pinkie - Atlur)

42 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

43 Fox-E

44 Philith (I... think that is the scariest Luna I've ever seen o.o - Atlur)

45 HarrowTPrower

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