Saturday, 5 May 2012

Week 45 Bonus!

Howdy, everypony, Lunar Apologist here!

Thanks so much to all of you for participating in this!  It was a silly, off-the-cuff theme that I thought to do driving home from class - I hope those of you that decided to draw something had fun, and I hope the rest of you enjoy what's been done :)

And now, on with the show!

1 DarkKnightWolf2011 (No, don't do it, Twi!)

2 Coolx32 (I laughed!)

3 Brave3 (Sith Pinkie is kinda terrifying...)

4 JimTheCactus (Words cannot describe how much I adore this)

5 EricaC78 (She's unstoppable!)

6 AmbroseButtercrust (I saw this and made tauntaun noises. And then ended it with a hair toss and a "Darling.")

7 Invidlord (No, Derpy! You did good!)

8 Predelnik (Dashie with a lightsaber is always cool in my book :) )

9 brokenhero (Dash Skywalker! Best of all, it sounds like an actual Star Wars name!)

10 RunbowDash (This pun made me giggle)

11 Schluberlubs (PO-N13, why aren't you at your post?)

12 Lunar Apologist (I am so, so sorry for this.  I have shamed my family.)

13 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Don't try it, Luna! Not unless you want to be more machine than mare; twisted and evil!)

14 DarkKnightWolf2011 (Everything about this is just amazing)

15 Cynos-Zilla (Yesssss, HK-47!)

16 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Feliz Cinco de Mayo!)

17 Prismatic-Pretzel (Man, Kreia was such a jerk >:( )

18 Nowler

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