Sunday, 6 May 2012

Week 45 Wrap Up!

Tick-tock, tick-tock...

Oh, hello!  I didn't see you there; I've been here waiting and was lost in my thoughts.

What was I waiting for, you ask?  I was waiting to be able to show you all these ponies, of course!  So, let's keep them waiting no longer, and check out all the pictures you've submitted this week! :D

1 Euphreana

2 Coolx32 (The loading screens drive Luna mad, how much longer till some fun is had? - fetchbeer)

3 GHOSTmutter

4 Michael9R (Trixie thinks she needs some recognition, why does nothing go right for this pony magician. - fetchbeer)

5 obelisk789

6 PazMercury (This pony indeed looks quite bored, one wonders if all this waiting has some reward. - fetchbeer)

7 KuroiTsubasaTenshi

8 W4X

9 Predelnik

10 Chromadancer

11 Google Sparks (Upon his cloud this pony looks so smug, too bad he's far to high to hug. - fetchbeer)

12 milkman213

13 pegasister77890

14 hip-indeed (The moon may have been somewhat better, maybe she'd get more screentime in a sweater. - fetchbeer)

15 FaithlessRurouni

16 SamuelEAllen

17 Philith

18 LendABit (Ponies wait so long for the return of their favorite show, but finally it returns with the snow. - fetchbeer)

19 RunbowDash

20 RarityHooves

21 The-Laughing-Horror

22 KuroiTsubasaTenshi (Is this how Twilight got through school, serving meals that make ponies drool? - fetchbeer)

23 ashantiaja

24 Chinchillas4Fire (I'm surprised that this pony has such a long attention span, or is this part of a clever plan? - fetchbeer)

25 AForgottenHunter

26 Haxorus31

27 Lil-Dark-Vixen (A unique look at Chrysalis! -Lunar)

28 WyeZee (Are you sure you're using that right, Derpy? -Lunar)

29 Brave3

30 Schluberlubs (Twilight does not like tech support, and I'm afraid her tempers gotten shoret. - fetchbeer)

31 demented-Mr-Paulsen

32 Aurora-dorable (I was hoping somepony would make this pun! -Lunar)

33 Delta-Pangaea

34 MoonlightScribe (Oh Celestia, Twi as a waitress at a maid cafe. I think my heart just exploded. -Lunar)

35 Philith

36 Prismatic-Pretzel

37 matrix451 (Aw, Lyra, it's sweet of you to try and make her feel better! -Lunar)

38 ColdSoltice

39 BrokenHero (Thanks, Derpy :) -Lunar)

40 Fox-E

41 KuroiTsubasaTenshi
42 Invidlord
43 TeenBulma