Sunday, 27 May 2012

Week 48 Wrap Up



Greetings, champions!  I see you come here, wishing to revel in your triumphs with other similarly-victorious ponies!  There is nothing wrong with this, my friend.  And further, you have come to the right place for this.  Here, you will find a great many ponies, all of them fresh from completing their set challenges; many of them overcoming vast and impossible odds to stand and be crowned the victor at the end.  Their path has been a difficult one, but for now, they rest, knowing they are the champions.

Now go, you ponies!  Go, and revel in their triumphal glories!

01. Philith

(Derpy you've created a situation very dire, because you have started a forest fire. - fetchbeer)

02. WolffyLuna

03. K4nK4n (aka StarCrosser)

(Get some! -Lunar)

04. SamuelEAllen

(These shiny things Rarity does enjoy, but Spike's hunger may this gem destroy. - fetchbeer)

05. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

06. Sovwi

(No other pony is so good at battle, to bad he gets these honors for fighting cattle. - fetchbeer)

07. Legeden

08. Wolferahm

(So many aliens torment this stallion, for his efforts he deserves a medallion! - fetchbeer)

09. GoggleSparks

10. hip-indeed

(In her dreams she is number one, but by her personality she is undone! - fetchbeer)

11. Shachza

(No, I just... thought it might be nice to have one? -Lunar)

12. Predelnik

(For the New Lunar Republic! -Lunar)

13. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

(With her checklist she is triumphant, but did a certain song she just chant? - fetchbeer)

14. Runbow Dash

(This is heartwarming and amazing and just yes.  -Lunar)

15. Acceleron

(Though I never played this exact game, I played others like it that got acclaim. - fetchbeer)

16. TerribleTransit

17. Schluberlubs

(Pinkie Pie is quite a smarty, everypony loves a full metal party! - fetchbeer)

18. MoonlightScribe

(Trixie, why? D: -Lunar)

19. SeaBastian

(You shoulda seen the other guy! -Lunar)

20. Prismatic Pretzel

(Just where does Derpy plant this flag, wherever it is I'm sure she'll brag. - fetchbeer)

21. Lunar Apologist

(Unfinished, like a jerk -Lunar)

22. BrokenHero

(Broken, you have said it best: "There's nothing more triumphant than John Bender's upthrust fist.")

23. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

(Rainbow Dash is very showy, especially if the wind is blowy. - fetchbeer)

24. MaskedRedDragon

25. DarkFlareAlchemist

26. Fox_E

(Seeing this little victory jig makes me want to cheer! -Lunar)

27. BlackLal

(Two pony princesses in triumph pose, though Luna will not soon her sister again depose. - fetchbeer)

28. Heliki

29. Muffinsforever

(Poor Dash will never live this down, everypony will think she was beaten by a clown. - fetchbeer)

30. ashantiaja

31. PnFink

32. Zeo-of-the-North

(An armored unicorn surveys the conflicts end, with her sword no enemy could contend. - fetchbeer)

33. The-Laughing-Horror

Image is mature-filtered for blood, but well-worth looking at!
(Please click through and check it out! -Lunar)

34. Wrenchan

(To have done this on an iPhone is quite the accomplishment! -Lunar)

35. TheBlackEmperor

(This pony stands upon a giant rock, while other ponies stand and gawk. - fetchbeer)

(Also, am I the only one who had the "Guts" theme go through my head, and mentally photoshopped in his chunk of the Aggro Crag? -Lunar)

36. ZeldaTheSwordsman

37. AmbroseButtercrust

(Berry Punch crosses the finish line, on the other side must be wine! - fetchbeer)

38. Invidlord

39. Delta Pangaea

40. Thattagen

(Yay, congrats on the job! -Lunar)

41. Euphreana

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