Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week 57 Wrap Up

Greetings, my friends!  We find ourselves at this point once again - a week done, we've had some fun, and why the hay can't I stop rhyming?  You'd think I was Fetchbeer or something. 

Anyway, I could not have asked for more this week.  We set the theme as "light ponies," and you all delivered in the best way possible!  Puns, paladins, and general luminescence abound!  I am a bit sorry that we didn't have more pics of Celestia raising the sun, but that's just because I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.

But don't worry!  What you've all done is nothing short of incredible - submitting dozens of entries with all kinds of light-themed ponies, ready to brighten up your day!  Or, well, your room, anyway.  But really, isn't that what we all want, when it comes down to it?

Right, enough ramblin'.  Have some light ponies!

DanTR (a.k.a Eliel Micmás)

Fret not, your punny piece is perfectly acceptable :) -Lunar

02. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

I can't tell whether AJ is a native brave, or if she is going to a rave! - fetchbeer

03. Doom251

Why not, indeed!  We're happy to have you taking part! -Lunar

04. hip-indeed

This pony burns so far above the ground, for what planet is this creature bound? - fetchbeer

05. ZeldaTheSwordsman

I love me some drinking puns! -Lunar

06. SamuelEAllen

Your wordplay has made me groan.  Excellently done! :D -Lunar

07. exoteeque

08. RedSoul411

This is awesome. -Lunar

10. BrokenHero0409

Does the princess know that this pony stole her mane? To avoid imprisonment they may need to be a bit more plain. - fetchbeer

11. Lamia

You see? This is why light bulbs don't wear wigs! -Arcum

12. 11mesiter

I really like the interpretation of the theme with this one! - Arcum

13. Dr-Waveband

14. Legeden

15. LendABit

Why do I think that Pinkie carries a bulb around, just to make a scene if an idea is found. - fetchbeer

16. sokolas

I really like the look of wonder here! -Lunar

17. Princess Ataxia

18. Jezendar

Such a glowy fish I have never seen, even while swimming around the weeds so green. - fetchbeer

19. smega39

20. PseudoSharp

Loving the style you've got going on here! -Lunar

21. demented-Mr-Paulsen

22. GoggleSparks

Little dinky surely needs more lift, for with one she can only drift! - fetchbeer

23. DarkMage2

24. ganonlink

Oh don't you worry, I see what you did there.  I WILL BE THE GOD OF A NEW WORLD! -Lunar

25. Runbow Dash

This pony has made me go blind, more light it would be hard to find! - fetchbeer

26. ganonlink

Makes me think I should get a buzz on. -Lunar

27. Hazzdawg

28. Bebsynerate

I had never thought about disco balls, but I guess somepony must light the halls. - fetchbeer

29. exoteeque

30. Easteu

This... is properly epic.  Great to see you back! -Lunar

31. Semicolon Dash

This pony wields the light of good, all evil has been destroyed where it stood! - fetchbeer

32. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

33. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

34. AmbroseButtercrust

This pony is lighter than the very air, to float with such ease is just not fair. - fetchbeer

35. ArmoredPegasus

36. Cynos-Zilla

Very nice OC design! -Lunar

37. Predelnik

38. Acceleron

It seems that Twilight's talents are almost cheating, but I guess the force is not competing. - fetchbeer

39. MoonlightScribe

She's so adorable!  Can I keep her? -Lunar

40. phallen1

41. The Laughing Horror

No, she's not a witch! D: -Lunar

42. DShou/DSkyo

This angelic pony swims in a lovely lake, I can hardly believe that I am awake. - fetchbeer)

43. RookieOwl

44. Lamia

Oh. Oh god. Pretty sure I've got diabeetus now. Worth it, though. -Lunar

46. Philith

Fragile!  Must be Italian. -Lunar

47. WoefulWriters

48. RaptorArts

Just how did he turn on that light, something here is just not right! - fetchbeer

49. Delta Pangaea

50. AFL316

51. CountDoofus

These incandescent ponies have me confused, what wattage lights do they use? - fetchbeer

52. Glaive-Silver

Boy's awfully light for a stallion that big. -Lunar

53. KayTayle

54. SonicVSTransformers

55. S3-NO

Paladin Derpy! :D -Lunar

56. starscript

57. RydelFox

58. MingoZK

59. Nun2artzy

60. Shammysteak
Mature filter in place, please click through to see!

61. WarriorWolfManiac

62. PsychedilicSkooma

63. XxCloolessxX

64. StephenMannix

65. Raedrob

66. aoshistark

Tiger, tiger, burning bright...  No, wait, sorry.  That's a pegasus. -Lunar

67. yiKOmega

This is wonderfully done! -Lunar

68. Brave3

69. Natural-Melody

70. SparroeSong

71. fiendaffliction

72. Invidlord

73. Prismatic Pretzel

74. SeaBastian


  1. I didn't make any drinking puns, Lunar. What are you on about?

  2. "Boy's awfully light for a stallion that big."

    Spades is skinny as a rake, bless him.
    He has chunky thighs though. Don't mention that - you'll hurt his feelings.