Sunday, 14 October 2012

Week 68 Wrap Up

Howdy, everypony, and welcome to this week's wrap-up!  You know, this week's theme is actually pretty apropos - at least, as far as writing this goes!  I feel like my head is in the clouds, here.  No matter how I try, I just can't think of what to write, here.  It's so silly, but I've just not got a single thing :P

Well, I guess I shouldn't keep on ramblin' if I've got nothing to say.  Let's look at some ponies!

01. Tony "Giggle Tail" Saylor
Silly Derpy! That's no muffin, it's a cloud muffin :D

By the cloud she has been muffled, though still this mare remains unruffled. - fetchbeer

02. fiendaffliction

03. GoggleSparks

Good thing she has a magic daughter, or Derpy could end up in more hot water. - fetchbeer

04. ganonlink

05. Jasper77Wang

Clouds are the nicest place to take a nap, and to not have to always flap. - fetchbeer

06. SamuelEAllen

07. ScuriLevenstein

08. DDD Licious
A pony with her head in the clouds - Pinkie Pie style!

There's no better way of getting high, than a cannon launching you into the sky. - fetchbeer

09. Scyphi

10. aquapunkchick
cloud fashion anyone?

Clouds probably make the lightest cloth, and let you flit around like a moth. - fetchbeer

11. UnlicensedBrony

12. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Pinkie Pie appears in the strangest places, she just does it to see other's faces. - fetchbeer

13. hip-indeed

14. Hazzdawg
I just don't know what went wrong!

Derpy's deliveries are always at risk, but at least her pace is always brisk. - fetchbeer

15. Sovwi

16. Runbow Dash

Staring up into the lazy sky, just watching as the fluffy clouds float slowly by. - fetchbeer

17. tg737
Rainbow Dash's imagination of what she would find if she flew to the edge of Equestria. Based off daydreaming.

18. evilbit-01
Yo dawg. I heard you had your head in the clouds while your head was in the clouds...

We'd all rather be doing more fun things, like flying around to stretch our wings. - fetchbeer

19. phallen1
Daydreaming while at work.

20. Sturs

Derpy just loves to hide in water vapor, so why not depict it on gridded paper. - fetchbeer

21. aj_joe
Twilight walking on the clouds, with a cute face :)

22. moonlitblackcat

Those clouds can be rather tricky, but at least water doesn't make you sticky. - fetchbeer

23. GeminiShadows

24. GvimBlade

At least this looks less itchy than the bale of hay, Pinkie could probably frolic in it all day. - fetchbeer

25. NicolasNonexist

26. Morteri

In this cloud did they plant a rock? On days like this she'd better walk. - fetchbeer

27. firegoddess2148

28. klystron2010

From the fog these creatures come, and to their bites you will succumb. - fetchbeer

29. altonyc
It's a pegasus for someone named Cloudkicker, and is sort of a Planetside 2 crossover. Engineers tend to be pilots in that game, so in the clouds...yeah, even have the flight goggles.

30. colgatetail

Yet again Derpy shows her cunning, her resourcefulness is always cunning. - fetchbeer

31. UnlicensedBrony

32. Hazzdawg

33. Gx98

34. Princess Ataxia

Celesta surely has stretched her neck, and with a doctor she'd better check. - fetchbeer

35. DCHorror
How is she doing that?

Of course Lyra could sit anywhere, as no other unicorn would dare. - fetchbeer

36. HaleyLonglover
In Snowflake's wake, no cloud is safe!

37. Prismatic Pretzel

Is this some kind of cunning snare, just to add clouds to Rainbow's hair. - fetchbeer

38. BrokenHero0409

39. Delta Pangaea

40. Philith

41. Qebehsenuef

42. Invidlord

43. ZeldaTheSwordsman

44. A Brony Account

45. Forward Bias

46. Thattagen
Clover from G2. Lucky and clumsy is the cutest combination ever! I'll finish the background later...

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