Sunday, 7 October 2012

Week 67 Wrap Up

Surely, deftly, ponies shall address you 
Hear them, see them trot up and befriend you 
Open up your mind, let your stresses each unwind 
In this darkness that you know you cannot fight 
The friendship of a pony of the night!

Greetings, everypony!  Be not afraid of the darkness, for I believe you will find within it, some most astonishing equines - the ponies of the night!

Right, that's a bit silly.  But in all seriousness, what a lovely collection we've got this week!  From the Phantom of the Opera and Batmare references that I was dearly hoping for, to all kinds of other nocturnal ponies.  Dracula ponies, ponies in the dark, ponies solving mysteries and more!  So many different ways to take this theme, and I think you all may well have taken most of them.  Well done! :D

(Also, Batmare is totally Luna, right?  I'm not just imagining this?  I mean, who else could it possibly be?)

So, let's have a look at these fantastic ponies, shall we?

01. Natsusume

02. Scyphi
"I hold it true, whate'er befall; I feel it, when I sorrow most; 'Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all." --Alfred Lord Tennyson's "In Memoriam"

Even though with aging she does not contend, It's always hard to outlast a friend. - fetchbeer

03. JunaE_CBS
A pony who lives in the other side of the world... a pony who has his days when I have nights... doesn't he qualifies as a pony of the night?

I believe he does! XD -Lunar

04. Glaive-Silver

Even in the darkest night, no criminal escapes their sight. - fetchbeer

05. SamuelEAllen
Inspired by Michelle Creber's new album, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle enjoy their Saturday Night.

06. NovaMarcellus

Spooky.  I like it! -Lunar

07. keelen87

This creature makes me lose control, for it stares in to my very soul. - fetchbeer

08. M3ales
Pegasus + Marker = Slasher Plain and Simple.

09. klystron2010

Poor Pipsqueak did speak to soon, from gobbling he is not immune! - fetchbeer

10. Sokolas

Oh my goodness, this is adorable.  Goodnight, Sweetie! -Lunar

11. JohnJocoo
This sculptures got all my time, so I didn't draw anything for this week. But then I thought that Luna is the pony of the night and sculpturing is a kinda visual art too. So here she is, the real princess of the night.

So defiant the princess stands, as her spider army she commands. - fetchbeer

12. fiendaffliction

Lunar Atronach!?  Somepony needs to make this mod, pronto. -Lunar

13. Sitah22

I... may have a soundtrack of bass-drops fighting with tinkly, sparkly noises fighting in my head for this one. -Lunar

14. Socksthewarrior
Pinkie Pie as Catwoman

Is she good with her whip? That weapons seems hard to grip. - fetchbeer

15. hip-indeed

XD -Lunar

16. ThunderShock

This pony thinks she is the night, at signs of trouble taking flight. - fetchbeer

17. AmbroseButtercrust

18. aj_joe
The Dark Mare Rises

19. HoovesLikeJagger

20. ScuriLevenstein

To her loneliness I can relate, but i don't wish to share her sticky fate. - fetchbeer

21. GoggleSparks

Scoots looks super-happy to be a broom! -Lunar

22. Runbow Dash

Poor Sweetie Belle shouldn't read in bed, now monstrous visions fill her head. - fetchbeer

23. vguy11
"i am the PWN, i am the KNEE I'AM BAT PONY!!"

24. M3ales
Slasher is Hungry. Press "X" to feed Slasher...

25. Dahngrest

This mask does little to hide her face, and all ponies their princess would embrace. - fetchbeer

26. ashantiaja

"I like long, moonlit walks on the beach." -Lunar

27. Invidlord

This pony dances to amuse his mistress, something most will never witness. - fetchbeer

28. evilbit-01

Very moody, and I like the reflection! -Lunar

29. Jasper77Wang

With rings of light she brings the wubs, and clean the darkness her sound scrubs. - fetchbeer

30. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

31. Prismatic Pretzel

:O -Lunar

32. NightOfAccordionSax

This pony needs to check their belt, for he knows not what in those pockets dwelt. - fetchbeer

33. phallen1
The Music of the Night. Octavia Daae and DJ-PH4NT0M.

LOVE IT. -Lunar

34. DCHorror

35. Solomon Pider
To make the night last forever, he only needs one Alicorn alive, or undead as it were.

The royal sisters by evil surrounded, and by this master plan confounded. - fetchbeer

36. demented-Mr-Paulsen

Alone in the dark? D: -Lunar

37. Gemini Shadows
So, Darkwing Duck parody this time around. Because he is the terror that flaps in the night!

XD -Lunar

38. Philith

Luna seems to have a split personality, and each part has a specialty! - fetchbeer

39. Dane W.
Night Time is the best time to solve mysteries! Roooooby Doooby Doo!

"Zoinks, Scoob; we've hit the snacks hard, but I don't think I've ever, like, seen a pink pony before!" -Lunar

40. BrokenHero0409

:D -Lunar

41. Thattagen
Starcatcher from G3, except she's missing her wings. Sorry I couldn't finish this. Exams and all that. If the image link is broken, look for the finished picture in the DA folder for this theme.

Still awesome! -Lunar

42. A Brony Account

43. Qebehsenuef

So serene and beautiful. I love it! -Lunar

44. Forward Bias
Sadly just a phone in because of the hectic weekend.

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