Sunday, 21 October 2012

Week 69 Wrap Up

Welcome one and all!  Tonight, we shall perform for you feats!  Feats beyond imagining!  Which is not to be confused with trying not to imagine feets when I say the word "feet!"  Watch in amazement as I cover this sandwich with my magical cloak and *omnomnom* it'f difappeared!  Amafing!

Okay, yeah, that trick was lame.  Man, unicorns got it easy with this magic business.

Thinking of magic and trickery and all that, I saw Mirror Mask for the first time the other night.  I liked it quite a bit!  While it was somewhat predictable, it was still very entertaining in a bizarre sort of way.  Extremely visually interesting, and not a little twisted and disturbing in some ways.  Which... sorta makes sense, as Neil Gaiman wrote it.  Don't get me wrong, I love his stuff, but the inside of his brain has to be an... interesting place.

Oh, but enough of my ramblings.  For now, the curtain is up, the audience is ready, and it's time to make some magic!

01. smega39

I'm not sure I'd trust that rabbit's tricks, severed heads are hard to fix. - fetchbeer

02. LonMcGregor
magic floaty colgate toothpaste for colgate. better quality on dArt

03. ForwardBias

You should know better than to torment him, your odds of living are rather slim. - fetchbeer

04. Princess Ataxia

05. StarCrosser (aka K4nK4n)
Hey, magical armor and weapons count as MAGICAL, too, right?

06. BeechSprout

Levitating with glowy eyes, to try this yourself I can't advise. - fetchbeer

07. Gvinblade

I can see forever! -Lunar

08. GoggleSparks

These flying muffins have me worried, surely nopony could remain unworried. - fetchbeer

09. hip-indeed

But I wanted to see you do it :( -Lunar

10. ScuriLevenstein

Do not anger Twilight in the morning, without her coffee she gives no warning. - fetchbeer

11. SamuelEAllen
If friendship is magic, then Pinkie Pie is Best Unicorn

QED, Twilight.  Q. E. D. -Lunar

12. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

When she's in the mood for magic practice, Twilight is far cuter than a cactus. - fetchbeer

13. Solomon Pider
This isn't my character, it's Hoodwink, one of my favorite Tumbler ponies! You should check him out, he's pretty cool.

14. altonyc
The white corners weren't supposed to show up; didn't notice them until after upload. Sorry.

15. fiendaffliction

Trixie actually has great power, especially when in the shower. - fetchbeer

16. Runbow Dash

I love the style, here! -Lunar

17. UnlicensedBrony

By magic tentacles I'd be confused, is there a way this fight can be diffused? - fetchbeer

18. aj_joe
Who needs The Force when you have magic?

Brohoofs for this! -Lunar

19. Mr. Jarvis

I wonder how muffin alcohol would taste, is it a flavor that can be embraced? - fetchbeer

20. Sturs
Photo Finish is worker her magics. Or something.

21. Dane W.
SO I may not have had time for a legit picture this week, and I TOTALLY DIDN'T DO THIS A WHILE AGO IN CLASS WHEN I SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKING NOTES or anything. Nope.

Trixie seems to have stolen the page, she always wants to steal the stage. - fetchbeer

22. demented-Mr-Paulsen

23. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

24. A Brony Account
Tricksy Trixie!

One ring to rule them all, though it will go into Trixie's treasure haul! - fetchbeer

25. BrokenHero0409

26. Philith
Being sick three days put a damper on finishing the one about Berry Punch that I really wanted to do.

Those foolish mops strike again! And now poor Lyra must explain. - fetchbeer

27. Prismatic Pretzel

28. Arcum

Don't stand in front of Twilight when she's pissed, why can't we all just coexist? - fetchbeer

29. A Brony Account
Now slathered in blackest ink!

This... is all kinds of amazing.  LOVE IT.  -Lunar

30. Invidlord

31. klystron2010

Discord releases his evil minions, he needs a better way to express his opinions. - fetchbeer

32. DCHorror

33. evilbit-01
Took this one as literally as possible! Quite possibly the fastest I've ever drawn anything, talk about last second. With season 3 right around the corner (And a date just announced) I'm surprised nobody else has done this yet.

XD -Lunar

34. ZeldaTheSwordsman

35. ashantiaja

36. Mixed Scales

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