Sunday, 20 January 2013

Week 82 Wrap Up

Howdy, everypony!  And welcome to this week's wrap up!

I'll be honest, I should have spent more time writing this.  But instead, I spent a solid 10 minutes staring into space imagining I was stomping through a city.  Should have been born a kaiju, or something.

But I guess it's not all laser-breath and sunshine there.  I mean, we've all seen the movies!  The best ending you get is retreating into the ocean from whence you came to lick your wounds and come back in a sequel.  At worst, you're food for some other monster, or vaporized by some death-ray, or... whatever.  It's not good!

Fortunately, we don't have anypony suffering that fate this week!  Instead, we seem to all be in the stomping-about state of affairs.  Well, some ponies, anyway!  I see some others of you have chosen to embrace the more... diabolical side of things!  And others still have taken a shine to making monsters of ponies!

And I have to tell you, all the Japanese stuff brought a huge grin to my face.

Well done, all of you!  Now, let's cease my ramblings, and get on with seeing your excellent work. :)

01. ShroomehTehPoneh

All the ponies will run in fear, now that this giant pony is here! - fetchbeer

02. DreamSnake
Asura's Wrath reference.

03. GoggleSparks

What mischief comes from a giant Scootaloo, watch out for to her you are but a shrew. - fetchbeer

04. dorkas

05. Duerplol

A giant pony steps upon a Lego roof, I just hope she doesn't hurt her hoof. - fetchbeer

06. demented-Mr-Paulsen
sorry i've been gone, did i miss anything?

You have missed the invasion of a number of giant ponies, it seems! -Lunar

07. Mortris

Such a creature makes me quake in fear, I'm not even as big as it's giant ear! - fetchbeer

08. Philith

09. Wicked-Brew
Not my best, but it was an interesting idea, so i went with it.

Who lived in that house she squashed! Was it some kind of rebellion that she quashed? - fetchbeer

10. AaronMk
Monstrous actions make monstrous ponies/people. And it should be no wonder the ponies of the Crystal Empire fear King Sombra.

11. Maddog10_20
It came, a rumble below the hearing that shook the bone, fire emanating form its mouths. The creature once known as 'Fluttershy' hid behind a ridge until it passed, and wept acrid tears.

All self lost in the depth of rage, as fury is released from it's mortal cage. - fetchbeer

12. Norque

13. fiendaffliction
Giant Pinkie Pie

The giant pony rampages across the land, but what tribute does it demand? - fetchbeer

14. Dahngrest

15. SamuelEAllen

I think this spell needs a correction, otherwise she'll continue to look like a reflection! - fetchbeer

16. keelen87


17. keelen87

The buildings shake as this monster approaches, as it smashes houses and tosses coaches. - fetchbeer

18. Liiinadesu

I approve of your kaiju cosplay! :D -Lunar

19. DAbestpony
Cue epic boss fight music!

I hope they know how to fight giant dinosaurs, otherwise they'll be covered with bruises and sores. - fetchbeer

20. Jezendar
That's no moon...

21. Random Dash
A giant or looking like one to Applebloom? Decide for yourself.

I didn't think that Big Mac was quite so tall, or did someone shrink Applebloom the be really small? - fetchbeer

22. hip-indeed

23. BrokenHero0409

A monster seeking to devour brains, but I'd rather see it in some more chains. - fetchbeer

24. ArmoredPegasus

25. Schluberlubs

I'm not sure I like how she stares down at me, what does she hope she'll see. - fetchbeer

26. ScuriLevenstein

27. Fuzzy Acorn Industries
Fluttershy as big as her kind, tender heart.

Fluttershy is kind at any size, even when all her friends are pint size. - fetchbeer

28. Invidlord

29. The Laughing Horror

Barns upturned a ponies consumed, it's a good thing toys are all that's doomed. - fetchbeer

30. dmtactical

So... awesome... -Lunar

32. phallen1
Please discard the previous submission and use this one in its place. I forgot the damn cutie mark! >_<

From some dark future this pony creature came, but will anypony accept the blame. - fetchbeer

33. AkiroAlpha
Critique and feedback would be very appreciated! :D

That globe before you is no muffin, please just put it back! - fetchbeer

34. Scyphi
Calvin and Hobbes references FTW.

Yessssssss. -Lunar

35. Delta Pangaea

A walrus stares with beady eyes, I fear I now face my demise. - fetchbeer

36. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

So desu ne~!  ...I am not good at Japanese. -Lunar

37. ZeldaTheSwordsman

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