Sunday, 13 January 2013

Week 81 Wrap Up

Greetings, greetings, one and all!  In the spirit of the thing, I'm writing this post while slouched as far as I can be in my desk chair.  I think it might actually be more work this way, weirdly enough.  Like, my usual ability to type is really messed up!  I wouldn't have thought it would be this bad.

Alright, enough of that!  Time to get down to business.  Can't be lying down on the job, now can I?

Well, I mean, I could.  Who's going to stop me, after all?  Who would even know?  Maybe I am, in fact, lying about lying down.

We need to go deeper.

But you know what, that's enough pop-culture for this installment!  I wanted to say that you all did a great job with this week's theme!  Seldom have so many recumbent ponies been gathered into one place, and there were a few of you who took a very creative approach.  I love it!  Thanks so much for submitting this week, everypony - now, let's get on and see what's been done :)

01. Duerplol
Sweden being lazy on a cloud.


02. RandomNinja94
I want a cloud bed. They look comfy as hell.

Clouds look so nice and soft, I would love to take a nap aloft! - fetchbeer

03. SaltCookies
A recumbent posture was assumed during the conceiving of the image.

This makes me so happy, I can't even tell you! -Lunar

04. DAbestpony
This scene makes sense in context.

I think I know where the class all went, though they really should have gotten his assent. - fetchbeer

05. DreamSnake
With a sleep bubble and all!

D'awwwww! -Lunar

06. dorkas

Just lay and watch as others cavort, thought it sounds like some rules they tried to thwart. - fetchbeer

07. klystron2010

08. SamuelEAllen

Apple bucking takes it's toll, but she's just glad she doesn't work for dole. - fetchbeer

09. Silky-Cotton

11. phallen1
"I'm not hungry." "I'm fine." "I haven't been crying."

most of us try to hide our tears, but we can see your mood just from your ears. - fetchbeer

12. Thattagen
I must admit, this is surprisingly sexy...

13. GoggleSparks

In the morning the covers are all undone, and though you don't remember your dreams were fun. - fetchbeer

14. Enduring Doodler

15. Norque

The only thing better than a teddy bear, is a sometimes ornery but fluffy hare. - fetchbeer

16. Bookish Delight
"Or?" Wait, I thought you said "and!" Shucks, now I have to draw this all over again! ;)

17. Delta Pangaea

We all move at our own pace, but some more speed you could embrace. - fetchbeer

18. ScuriLevenstein

19. Schluberlubs

At least the soaps have human actors, though it seems Lyra is one of their detractors. - fetchbeer

20. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

21. Invidlord

Sprawled across the edge of the bed, let us hope she doesn't fall upon her head. - fetchbeer

22. AkiroAlpha

23. Mortris

Rarity loves to lounge in the afternoon, dreaming of dresses she'll sew soon. - fetchbeer

24. brongaar

25. Dasadan

A fluffy pony makes a nice bed, it's unfortunate they are not more widespread. - fetcbeer

26. Arcum

27. muffinexplosion

We all have our own aims, but others don't have to fan our failure's flames.

28. Philith

29. DatPonyPL

What surprise awakened Rainbow Dash? Was she dreaming of a frightful crash? - fetchbeer

30. The Laughing Horror

This is super-adorable :) -Lunar

31. Aanau

Sharing cocoa with your friends, warm and cozy your evening ends. - fetchbeer

32. AaronMk

Very interesting effects you've got!  I like it! -Lunar

33. ganonlink

Little Scootaloo looks rather annoyed, by what was her daydreaming destroyed? - fetchbeer

34. Gikima

Eeeeee, this sort of sketchy, marker-y style!  So cute! :D -Lunar

35. BrokenHero0409

But ponies don't have nuclear arms, there's no need for the alarms. - fetchbeer

36. hip-indeed

37. Muffinsforever

Rarity it seems could not wait for bed, I wonder what thoughts go through her sleepy head. - fetchbeer

39. Jezendar
My rp character carrying a changeling-in-disguise. Fits two theme interpretations: she's lying on his back, and lying about being a changeling.

40. dmtactical
Stereo install means lying in the trunk.

41. ZeldaTheSwordsman

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