Sunday, 21 April 2013

Week 95 Wrap Up

Evening, everypony, and welcome to the wrap-up!

It's kinda funny, I thought something like this would be sort of a fun follow-up to the Winter Wrap up theme we had a couple weeks ago - especially since the weather seemed to be getting better all the time!  Aaaaaand then there was a cold snap across most of the northern hemisphere; I got a pretty decent amount of snow, even.  Whoops.  Just goes to show that I shouldn't be trying to predict the weather (and related activities) with themes, I guess!

Anyway, I hope you all had fun drawing ponies trying their hooves at horticulture - I might be imagining it, but it seemed like there was a little more time and dedication spent this week, and I think the results speak for themselves!  Let's take a look, shall we?

01. IDontKn0ow

A new home for a rose, where it will be loved as it grows. - fetchbeer

02. Beroulga

03. TwinQuasars
Pegasus magic - how does it work?

I hope I don't live beneath this cloud, falling flowers can be rather loud. ~ fetchbeer

04. dorkas

05. ScuriLevenstein

I wonder what she hides behind that door, surely it's not something we can ignore. - fetchbeer

06. Cobralash

07. Kampfkeks007

A moon flower fed by tears, hopefully it's colors stop those tears. - fetchbeer

08. DAbestpony

09. fiendaffliction
Plants vs PONY ZOMBIES!!!!

I hope those flowers serve you well, and those zombie monsters soon repel. - fetchbeer

10. Hazzdawg

11. Delta Pangaea

So determined with that hoe, but what do you try to grow? - fetchbeer

12. GoggleSparks

13. Suntenri

You must be careful where make your little farm, for some creatures bring you hugs or harm. - fetchbeer

14. Schnee
Farming counts as gardening, right?

15. TheWormOuroboros

Make sure no ones hidden in your rain cloud, or for your garden you'll need a shroud. - fetchbeer

16. Philith

17. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Don't let a plant get a taste, kick it in all due haste! - fetchbeer

18. Invidlord

19. hip-indeed

Guard you vegetable garden well, or to your produce bid farewell. - fetchbeer

20. Safrania9898

21. Dahngrest

There are plants for every taste, and this pony spiciness has embraced. - fetchbeer

22. Mixed Scales

25. ZeldaTheSwordsman,jpg

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