Sunday, 28 April 2013

Week 96 Wrap Up

Rocking ponies.  For all your rock and/or pony needs.  I don't know what else to put here.  Just scroll down and look at the ponies.  Seriously, stop reading this.  It's going nowhere.  Why are you still here?  The ponies are down there.

Okay, I'm not writing anything else.  You'll have to go elsewhere for more text.

Gallery for Week 96

01. StarDustCz
Description says it all :3

You know your party is rocking, when to it all the ponies come flocking! - fetchbeer

02. TwinQuasars

04. DAbestpony
I really rock in this suit!

When you see a pony clad in armor, you know for sure that he's not a farmer! - fetchbeer

05. dorkas

06. Cobralash

This pony sure does love her shiny gems, I wonder from where this lust does stem. - fetchbeer

07. ScuriLevenstein

08. Suntenri

Some ponies play their banjo to relax, a bit less rocking than an axe! - fetchbeer

09. Moones95

10. Schnee
No time to do anything but a very rough sketch. :/

So many speakers set amplify the sound, of the hills the music will rebound. - fetchbeer

11. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

12. phallen1

How does he keep his drum set on the cloud? However he does it's sure to please the crowd! - fetchbeer

13. A Brony Account
It was tuff to come up with that joke!

14. Philith

So her destiny is the Rosetta stone? Now she'll have to translate when she's grown! - fetchbeer

15. hip-indeed

16. ZeldaTheSwordsman

Everypony likes to make music, to find your instrument is the trick! - fetchbeer

17. Delta Pangaea

18. Invidlord
Yes, quite.

This rock is a charming fellow, indeed he seems quite mellow! - fetchbeer

19. AmbroseButtercrust

20. Glaive-Silver

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  1. Wow thank you so much for the awesome rhyme at my picture fetchbeer!
    Also you did great everyone!