Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week 93 Wrap Up

Howdy, everypony!  Thanks for humoring me with a theme that was pretty Derpy-centric.  I hope you didn't mind too much!  I think she's an adorable pony, and hey, what's the point of having the ability to decide what people draw if you don't use it cater to personal tastes every once in a while?  :P

Really, though, I hope you had fun!  Pony pranks, foolishness, and general derpery should be silly, not serious!  And what a fine collection of foolishness we've got this week - let's take a look, shall we?

01. UnlicensedBrony
First in a while, but I'm picking it up again quickly. I'm going to get back into the routine and enter every week, as well as finding time for a drawing every day. Good to be back!

That tricky unicorn is cheating badly, and for Derpy this will surely end rather sadly. - fetchbeer

02. dorkas

03. AkiroAlpha
feedback and critique is requested and appreciated!

Poor Derpy's eyes just don't face front, but this way of seeing might help in the muffin hunt! - fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

05. DAbestpony
Eating baked bads again, Derpy?

There are some muffins you should not disturb, for your stomach they may perturb. - fetchbeer

06. Lomeo

07. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

But how did you get into that cake! Now again this confection I must bake!

08. Philith

09. Mixed Scales
The sound of music can absorb you

Beware where you dance to your private music, for others laughter may come quite quick. - fetchbeer

10. Walfas
First submission. Greyscale Derpy as a jester.

11. AmbroseButtercrust

And thus Pinkie plays the fool, and her jokes will be quite cruel. - fetchbeer

12. hip-indeed

13. CaptainBoat

I think that hat has gone to her head! But it should have shielded her from what she may dread! - fetchbeer

14. Invidlord

15. ZeldaTheSwordsman

I think we all agree, never buy things from tv. - fetchbeer

16. Jezendar
Multiple silly sketches!

17. Delta Pangaea

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