Sunday, 2 June 2013

Week 101 Wrap Up

Okay.  I don't know what these things below this text are, but they sure aren't ponies.  Normally I'd be all "hey, look at those ponies," but I can't even do that this week because of those things.  Like seriously, just look at them.  They're not even quadrupedal, and the way their limbs split off into smaller appendages.  Absolutely disgusting.  I thought the organics we knew of were bad, but these take the proverbial cake.

Someone seriously needs to tell me what these are.  I can't look away from them.  Neither should you.  I don't trust them.

Gallery for Week 101

01. Cobralash

Such long and flowing locks of hair, just beware of her overpowering glare! - fetchbeer

02. AaronMk
Stygus cam

03. Firehazard14
Humanized changeling...close enough :P

If you peer under his long sleeve, will strange holes your eyes perceive? - fetchbeer

04. Invidlord

05. fiendaffliction
Yay humanised Octavia <3 data-blogger-escaped-span="">

Sitting in the growling dark, waiting for smooth sounds to strike a spark! - fetchbeer

06. Jdan-S

07. AaronMk
Another FOE humanization.

I do not wish to draw this woman's ire, for surely the resuslts would be most dire. - fetchbeer

08. Silky-Cotton

09. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

This human looks very chilly, but does she like not being a filly? - fetchbeer

10. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

11. Hazzdawg

What is the plan for that tool? You'll only ask if you're a fool. - fetchbeer

12. TheBigApple

13. Pio21

She has such giant gleaming eyes! Is she a parasprite in disguise? - fetchbeer

14. ScuriLevenstein

15. Moones95
Lyra trying to save Bon Bon from being turned into a cyborg

Run faster if Bon Bon you wish to save, get her back and just be brave! - fetchbeer

16. Bananizen

17. Kampfkeks007
A Reference to the TV Series "V - Visitors"

Aliens coming from space in giant ships, with this strangeness we must come to grips. - fetchbeer

18. BrokenHero0409

19. AmbroseButtercrust

I must know who does her hair! No other dye job does compare! - fetchbeer

20. Philith

21. phallen1
Waaaay the hell too ambitious. I have half an idea for an RP/ask blog and used this week's prompt as a chance to test the designs and see if I could draw this many human pics quickly. It's rough and cartoony and inconsistant as hell, and I know it.

But I don't want to jump out of a plane! Especially if it causes my butt pain! - fetchbeer

22. ZeldaTheSwordsman

23. Delta Pangaea

24. Micen-Farock
Done just before time 20 min, my OC Felicity, in ATG debut!

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