Sunday, 23 June 2013

Week 104 Wrap Up


They're a weird thing, really.  Some of them are obvious goals that one can shoot for, or points along the way where celebration is obvious!  I mean, when you reach that goal, or run by those nice round numbers, you know just what you're getting into.

But sometimes... sometimes they sneak up on you.

Maybe you didn't expect things to run on as long as they have.  Or maybe you just glanced away for a while, and then realized that one of those seemingly-anticipatable milestones had arrived long before you'd thought you'd had to look for it.  One way or another... they've arrived.  And you're not ready, but it's too late - you're already moving along to the next one, that one that you just passed already fading into the past.

And it's only then, when that particular milestone is moving into the distance, that you know whether or not it really mattered.

Thanks for reaching the two-year milestone with me, everypony.  And while we haven't fully reached it just yet... I hope that all of you will have found it to be a milestone that was worth reaching.

Thanks, everypony. :)

Gallery for Week 104

01. GoggleSparks

I think that they may have made a miscalculation, about some ponies and their muffin fixation! - fetchbeer

02. dorkas

03. Cobralash

They looks so happy on this special day, now to party without delay! - fetchbeer

04. Blue Wolf
Twilightlicious Twitter Milestone

05. ScuriLevenstein

Be careful with your letters so large, to replace them is quite a charge! - fetchbeer

06. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

07. Pio21

Sometimes you've just got to be glad, that there are worse days to be had. - fetchbeer

08. Invidlord

09. GonzaHerMeg
For the theme of A pony reaching a milestone.

You pass so many fun distractions on the road, it's so very hard not to be slowed! - fetchbeer

10. phallen1
Does "first student skydive" count as a milestone? Also retro-submitting to last week's theme; I didn't get anything in because I was busy failing at skydiving.

11. A Brony Account

12. ZeldaTheSwordsman
Stupid scanner, stupid parents X.X

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