Sunday, 9 June 2013

Week 102 Wrap Up

Greetings, everypony, and welcome!  I don't really have much of a preamble, here, so I'll just... get right into it, I guess!

I enjoyed seeing the things you all came up with as pastimes this week!  It's always sort of fun to see how many folks go to drawing as the pastime or hobby of choice.  It's kind of adorable :)  I really enjoyed some of the more interesting/punny entries this week!  Partially because I am a sucker for puns.  Don't be hatin'!

Really, though, I always love to see whatever you guys come up with for a theme!  It's great to see you keeping at it, and I look forward to whatever comes next for you :)

With that, let's get to the ponies!

01. Baisre

A dark night lit by a fiery mane, surely this forest is her domain. - fetchbeer

02. ScuriLevenstein

03. Cobralash
Pinkie Pie baking

She handles muffins with such grace, but how does she not burn her face? - fetchbeer

04. dorkas

05. GoggleSparks

A pony riding a wild boar? What other surprises are in store? - fetchbeer

06. DAbestpony
What will I draw today?

07. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

She thought this was all her past self's trouble, but now her problems have come up double! - fetchber

08. fiendaffliction

09. Dullapony

Camping out beneath the moon, as with nature she does commune. - fetchbeer

10. Pio21

11. LiiinaDesu

Staring idly at a pad, for any inspiration they would be most glad. - fetchbeer

12. Bananizen

13. A Brony Account
Boy howdy, I tell you what. Yee haw, as they say.

I wonder if this is the steer's favorite pastime as well... -Lunar

14. ZeldatheSwordsman.jpg

15. Delta Pangaea

Sweet Celestia, who would choose to do this to themselves? -Lunar

16. Invidlord

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