Sunday, 11 August 2013

Week 111 Wrap Up

It seems another week has come and gone, and here we are, the weekly-wrap up.  It's just so good that after the previous week of being lost and adrift, we can see everypony finding their way back to what really matters.  Congregating, grouping together, be it face-to-face or through the magic of technology, we find ways to come together and bond. *sniff*

And here, just look at all these ponies gathering together!  It really warms the heart, you know?  Big groups of friends, families, and just ponies in big ol' group hugs!  Excuse me... I... I think it may be raining here. *sniff*


Okay.  I'm better now.  Togetherness is a wonderful thing.  And so, let's look at some wonderful groups of ponies congregating, hanging out, and just being together.  Harmony and Friendship win out every time and... oh... shoot... here comes that liquid pride again... err... I mean... *sniff* just look at the gallery!  I'm not crying because of the feels! Um... I... I totally am.  *HUGS* *sniff*

Gallery for Week 84

01. SkywalkerGirl666

Drink up and eat hearty, for it's tough to be the life of the party. - fetchbeer

02. ThatAsianMike
I went and took my current kiriban request to fit this week's theme

03. ScuriLevenstein

If you can't make friends you have an option, and that's to summon one and not adoption. - fetchbeer

04. Zimashi
Well I did something.

05. dorkas

There's always a spot for a good tank, cause some of them just badly stank! - fetchbeer

06. Pio21

07. DAbestpony

Little foals just acting cute, these young ponies are just a hoot! - fetchbeer

08. Bananizen
Drawing with crayons is hard

09. klystron2010

Be wary of this grove of trees, for their whims are not easy to appease! - fetchbeer

10. Thattagen
Not pictured: The crowd of admirers

11. AkiroAlpha
Hope you like it! :D Critique and feedback is requested and appreciated!

No better friends were ever found, and their antics still astound! - fetchbeer

12. GoggleSparks

13. Invidlord

14. Philith
Launching a new 'ship. Spike + Rarity + Discord = Disparity.

15. A Brony Account

16. ZeldaTheSwordsman
Only a group of two, but still

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