Sunday, 4 August 2013

Week 110 Wrap Up

Heya, ponies!

Lunar Apologist here - it's been a while!  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to keep this one relatively short and sweet, since I'm typing this up while on hotel wireless - and we all know how flaky that can be!  It's funny how attached we can end up being to the internet, isn't it?  When I'm without it, it almost feels like I've been cut off, set adrift, dare I say... stranded?

(Eh?  Eh?  See what I did there?  Oh, I shouldn't draw attention to the terrible pun because it was bad and I should feel bad?  Well, okay then!)

Move along!  Nothing to see here!  Everything is perfectly fine and nothing was done that was stupid at all.

Anywho!  Ponies!  Stranded, marooned, lost, or just generally out to sea, you guys seem to have covered the bases this week - so why don't we get a move on and take pity on some of these poor castaways!

01. dinsdale

Noooo, Luna :(

02. AaronMK

This looks very lonely.  And cold. :(

03. ScuriLevenstein

Hooray for terrible navigation!

04. MrJuneWolf

05. dorkas

Seriously, so bad at navigating.

06. BluestreakFUS

Aw, I feel so bad for your poor Cadance. :(

07. LinkinshirePony

Pfft, his expression!

08. SillyDitzy

09. 2048terrabit

10. SkywalkerGirl666

That's gotta be a rough honeymaroon.  Wait, what do you mean, that's not what it's called?

11. TheBigApple

Seriously, you guys.  Just the worst.

12. OtterMatt

13. TheCyborgWithin
I know I've a long way to go, but I want to keep practicing.

And I'd love to see you do so!

14. Spaceisthelimit
Luna is trying to control herself but she can't. She is lost literally in a nightmare.

Noooooo, Luna :(

15. Scyphi

I think we actually have a legit problem here.  Like, this needs to be addressed in the schools or something.

16. DAbestpony
This derpy pony is often lost in thought. No wonder she didn't know what went wrong!

18. F00Fdramon

Wow.  This is not a direction I would have thought to take this.  Very well-done.

19. Philith
Wow eight and a half hours earlier than normal. What sorcery is this?

Magic!  :D

20. Dawnfire

21. Bananizen

Aw, that's actually really cute.  And kinda sad.  Nice work!

22. Pio21

Ahaha, Twi's face. Brilliant!

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