Sunday, 18 August 2013

Week 112 Wrap Up

Heya, everypony!  Lunar Apologist here, playing the part of your host for tonight's wrap up.  Hooray!

This week, you all got into the spirit of giving - 'tisn't quite the season just yet that we typically associate with that, but there's no reason that we can't be giving at any time of year!  And give you did, along with the ponies you've drawn!  It's always great to see things being given and delivered - why don't we take a look?

01. SkywalkerGirl666
The day Celestia got Philomena the phoenix.

A special gift in times of old, before one sister became uncontrolled! - fetchbeer

02. GoggleSparks

03. Invidlord

This pair of ponies is just too cute, though if it goes farther I might have to shoot! - fetchbeer

04. RhymeReason
This is my first time submitting!

05. Cobralash

This is an odd place to exchange gifts, tough better than plummeting from cliffs! - fetchbeer

06. dorkas

07. ScuriLevenstein

I'm not sure what is going on, but Twilight seems protective of her spawn! - fetchbeer

08. Blue

09. Pio21

It the box she holds the one she's in? For strange magic may lurk within! - fetchbeer

10. Blue Wolf
Pinkie Pie giving Rainbow Dash a gift. First time drawing Pinkie Pie. Took what I learned here and improved on my next Pinkie Pie picture.

11. kits
sorry about low quality. Too busy with infants to do more.

This pony looks too sad be be a cloud, with more fluffiness she should be endowed! - fetchbeer

12. ZeldaTheSwordsman
It's a present

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