Sunday, 6 October 2013

Week 119 Wrap Up

I am the Iron Pony! 
Has she lost her mind? 
Can she see or is she blind? 
Can she walk at all 
Or if she moves will she fall? 

She was turned to steel 
In the lunar orbit field 
When she traveled time 
For the future of ponykind 

Nopony wants her 
She just stares at the world 
Planning her vengeance 
That she will soon unfold 

Now the time is here 
For Luna to spread fear 
Vengeance from the night
Endless Darkness, bring no light. 

Heavy wings of lead 
Fills her victims full of dread 
Flying as fast as they can 
Nightmare Moon lives again!

The Iron Pony Cometh!   And with her terrible ascendance, the music crying out for revenge, she will prove to everypony that the Night will last... forever!  And much like her rise, we have many more ponies rising to their own themes!  Come, rise up!  View the works of our fellows auditory inspiration, and rejoice!
Iron Pony lives again!

Gallery for Week 119

01. Cobralash
Based off of the song Towers by Bon Iver

By accident or by design, these towers fall before this equine. - fetchbeer

02. ScuriLevenstein

04. GoggleSparks

This pony's song makes little sense, but let the explosions commence. -fetchbeer

05. kittykat568 (Banana Master)

06. sixhorsepower

This creature seems to hold his own strings, though it's surprising that he still has the things. - fetchbeer

07. Jdan-S
Ponification of the song "Saika" by Rabpit.

08. ScuriLevenstein

Releasing balloons in front of a flying pegasus, is more than enough to make that winged pony cuss. - fetchbeer

09. Overlord Steve
been listening to some interesting music
Mild violence/gore - Click to View.

10. TheCyborgWithin
If a picture's worth a thousand words, than how many words are in a song? In droves they rush to fill our minds, to make us want to sing along.

Moving to the music that's in your head, makes you sure that you're not dead. -fetchbeer

11. MalWinters

12. Blue Wolf
If you read issue 11 of the comic, you either love this or hate this. If you didn't.. then I guess you are lost on the reference. It works on so many levels.

Between the bursts of deafening bass, there are some lovely words you should embrace. - fetchbeer

13. Blue Wolf
Dye em Black. Black Number One.

14. Abyssal Emissary
The calm after a stressful day. Keep still and repose.

Find the place where you can relax, where nopony else can find your tracks. - fetchbeer

15. TheBaraclough
I'm a little bit rusty but this was pretty good for the first pony I've drawn since the ATG 3 and I'm happy I finally got an excuse to draw Twilight's dance from Sweet and Elite. I did the wings for an extra challenge and fleshed out her pose from the scene I referenced and I think it turned out pretty well.

16. stuhp

The lightning flashes as this pony flies, she races the thunder for the prize. - fetchbeer

17. Philith

18. ZeldaTheSwordsman

Just throw your head back and croon, do not worry if others think you a loon. - fetchbeer

19. Silky-Cotton

20. Invidlord
She makes me want to dance.

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