Sunday, 27 October 2013

Week 122 Wrap Up

Yes, yeees.  Everything is going according to plan.  I've only recently joined the group's admins, and I am already doing my first blog post.  With each step I take, I garner a bit more trust from the other admins, and gain a bit more authority within the group.  Soon, so very soon, my plan will come to fruition and I will take over as head admin.  With the group's full resources behind me, I can begin the process of taking over other dA groups, then the site itself, then more internet sites.  Before I'm done, the entire internet will be mine, all mine!  MUHAHAHAHA!

Wait, did I say that out loud?

Ahem. Anyways, this week has been a celebration of all things dastardly, with ponies running all manner of schemes. We've got everything from simple pranksters to bold thieves to full-blown villainous plots! And no, not those kinds of 'plots'...

At any rate, getting off topic here.  Things are looking dark, with all of these dastardly schemes afoot.  I think we need a hero.  I'm holding out for a hero, one who is strong, one who is fast... I should probably stop this before I fully break into song.  So how about we cut to the chase, and show this week's creations:

Gallery for Week 95

01. RandomCPV

I hope a pony is still attached to this poor horse, for th8s kind of violence I can't endorse. ~ fetchbeer

02. Scyphi

03. GoggleSparks
We need to prepare for the worst...always!

This pony's baked goods may not be quite as advertised, and some caution may be advised. ~ fetchbeer

04. Dinsdale
Vity is a lot of things. Subtle... is not one of them.

05. BrokenHero0409

If you ever see these two in a race, you should just try to finish in last place. ~ ferchbeer

06. ScuriLevenstein

07. Mimic-Slenderpony
Bubble Tea prepares a very special cup of tea for some pony.

This face alone makes me afraid, if I stay I may be flayed. ~ fetchbeer

08. Dullahan
It's always the cool ponies that are evil

09. Philith

Dragons are attracted to any shiny thing, so if you see one make sure to h8de your bling! ~ fetchbeer

10. sixhorsepower

11. Blue Wolf

Those changelings always have their evil schemes, you must be careful when their eye gleams. ~ fetchbeer

12. ThatAsianMike
Samil the Cut-Purse is always conniving his next big heist

13. stuhp

Withn4hismhat and cloak they are clearly evil, and soon their plan will cause upheaval! ~ fetcbeer

14. AkiroAlpha
Hope you like it! Critque and feedback is requested and appreciated. :D

15. bluestreakfus

There is always a prank waiting for the unaware, so for revenge you should prepare. ~ fethbeer

16. ZeldaTheSwordsman

17. A Brony Account

These little fillies may soon be in deep trouble, especially if they reduce this bank to rubble. ~ fetchbeer

18. HalflingPony
Sadly, even the most well thought-out plans can be thwarted by lax security.

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