Sunday, 13 October 2013

Week 120 Wrap Up

Good evening, everypony!  It's ice to see you again!  Really, it's snow good to see all these elemental ponies you've turned out this week!  They're really cool, don't you think?

"But Lunar," you protest , "They're not all frost-based elementals!  I think the majority of them might be fire!  And I have to stop typing, because your terrible puns have made me blind!"

Pish-posh, I say!  Much like returning from being frozen in carbonite, your eyesight will return, in time.  Besides, have you ever tried getting a fire pun to work?  It's not easy!  Like, really not easy!  I tried getting a few up, but the best I could come up with was emberassed, which just looks like something else instead of a pun.  Ridiculous!

So, anyway.  Elements!  It's fun to see so many elementals.  Ever thought about what kind of elemental you might be, were you to be one?  Are you the hot, passionate fire elemental?  A cool, collected frost elemental?  Changeable as the wind, solid as the earth, as viny and covered in leaves and utilizing photosynthesis as a plant?

...I think that last analogy may have gotten away from me a little.  Well, anyway.  Certainly a fun thing to think about; which element might suit you best!

You know what doesn't suit many, though?  Getting caught out in the elements, and I'm glad to see a few of you submitting ponies out there, braving the weather!  Good on them for getting out of doors - even if it doesn't always go as planned!

But you know what?  I'm rambling, and should maybe think about chilling for a bit.  I'll just freeze what I'm doing here, and let you get on with the ponies.  Stay frosty, my friends.

01. Arlenbrony

This pony burns with an inner fire, and I for one wish not to face their ire. ~ fetchbeer

02. The Laughing Horror
Its good to be back

03. TwinQuasars

Each of these represents a specific element, to bad there is no elephant. ~ fetchbeer

04. OtterMatt
The mountain titan cares for his territory, ever watchful.

05. The Laughing Horror
Love Rusts

True love knows no limit in it's forms, though this couple should stay away from storms. ~ fetchbeer

06. Blue Wolf

07. sixhorsepower

This pony just loves throwing parties under water, especially for her friend the otter. ~ fetchbeer

08. Abyssal Emissary
My first practice piece for my new India Ink pens and watercolor pencils.

09. Scarlet Twinkle

Magic is quite a chaotic power, just be careful of what you allow it to devour. ~ fetchbeer

10. Scarlet Twinkle

11. GoggleSparks
“When pure sincerity forms within, it is outwardly realized in other people's hearts.” -Lao Tzu

This pony is indeed quite sincere, and to everyone around she brings great cheer. ~ fetchbeer

12. Cobralash
water pony

13. RandomCPV

Is this pony some sort of tree? From such a thing I think I should flee. ~ Fetchbeer

14. Blue Wolf
Dryad counts as earth elemental, right?

15. Pio21

Is this pony's flank very shiny? Are others blinded by his heiney? ~ fetchbeer

16. stuhp

17. Ryojo
Fire, is my power!

Is this pony careful as they play with fire? Or does the situation become dire? ~ fetchbeer

18. Blue Wolf

19. dredaich

Made from wind this pony blows, and no rest he ever knows. ~ fetchbeer

20. MrJuneWolf

21. ScuriLevenstein

Does she mean to talk to this little frog? Or is she going insane in this wet bog? ~ fetchbeer

22. AkiroAlpha
Snow pony! Critique and feedback is requested and appreciated!

23. HalflingPony
I hope you'll forgive my submitting here before the DA group, but I'm still waiting on approval and didn't want to miss out on this theme, if at all possible.

A wing to shield you from the rain, though the clouds are Dash's domain. ~ fetchbeer


25. Invidlord

26. A Brony Account
BEHOLD! The Majestic and Mighty EARTH PONY!

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