Sunday, 15 December 2013

Week 129 Wrap Up

Greetings, everypony, and welcome to the wrap up!

Tonight, our theme was quite the literary one, and one that I'm fond of!  See, book fan-art has always had a special place for me.  Because all there is to go on is the description of the author and your own ability to imagine what they're describing, you can end up with so many incredibly different interpretations of a character or setting or scene!  And here's the great thing - all of them are technically correct.

It's true!  Maybe what you've imagined and drawn is different from what the author had in mind.  Maybe yours is different from what some big-name illustrator or designer came up with for the same book.  No matter!  If you're drawing from what you imagined while reading that book, you can't really be wrong!  After all, there is no visual canon for most books.  If the author wanted you to imagine it exactly as they did, they're in the wrong line of work.  There's so much ambiguity in the written word; so many nuances and shades of meaning that may be interpreted differently or lost.  And an author that spends time describing everything so exactly is going to be boring to read.  So, like it or not, your own imagination is what rules the day when it comes to books!

Which is where seeing those interpretations getting filtered through yet another lens of the imagination - that of what you imagine in the book to what it might look like ponified - is really interesting!  So let's see what you've all managed to come up with this week after your literary pony double-filtration!

01. Scyphi

Whatever brings a ship up here, in everypony causes fear! ~ fetchbeer

02. AkiroAlpha
Critique and feedback is appreciated.

03. Goggle Sparks

Such mysterious symbols here, to find their meaning do you dare? ~ fetchbeer

04. MrJuneWolf

05. ScuriLevenstein

A scrap of blanket and a tuft of fur, do these remind you of childhood's blur? ~ fetchbeer

06. Philith

07. A Brony Account

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