Sunday, 22 December 2013

Week 130 Wrap Up

Evenin', everypony!  Gather 'round, gather 'round!  It's time once again for Old Man Lunar's Mad Ramblin's and Other Nonsensical Stories and General Stream of Consciousness Writing!

Otherwise known as the wrap up.  BUT WHATEVER.

Soooo... aliens, huh?  You know, as a kid, I was actually quite obsessed with UFOs and aliens and all that jazz.  Knew all about the different grades of Close Encounters, knew of the major sightings, all the supposed kinds of aliens that people claimed they'd seen.

I don't even know that I really believed any of it - but, as the X-Files tagline goes, I want to believe, I think!  It's nicer to believe that we're not alone in this vast universe of ours, that there are other intelligent species out there!

...Even if they are just coming here to mess with drunk rednecks and dismember some cows.

(What's funny is that most people take this as proof that they don't exist.  After all, what intelligent being would come all the way across the cosmos to do that kind of stuff?  But admit it; that is exactly the kind of thing we'd do if we could.  The intellectual community likes to pretend that we wouldn't, that Mankind is nobler than that, and so advanced aliens would be even more so.  But I think we all know better).

So, next time you look up at the starry night, keep an open mind and an eye out - maybe they're out there to see!  And until then... let's look at some ponies and aliens, shall we?

01. Kuto

I can't help but feel that the Doctor is going to be very cross when he finds out what's happened to the TARDIS.

02. AaronMk


03. ScuriLevenstein

...I think I can't blame AJ for being a bit horrified, there.

04. Philith


05. HalflingPony
Spacemare Spiffaloo, interplanetary explorer and defender of Equestria!

ahaha, this is completely amazing! Well done! :D

06. dredaich

Where's Jim Raynor when you need him?

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