Sunday, 29 December 2013

Week 131 Wrap Up

With Hearth's Warming Eve behind us, I hope everypony had a safe and happy holiday going into the brand new year!  May it be one full of Love, Light, and Artistic Inspiration.

And with the bells ringing in the new year, the ponies who serve the most valiant of causes all raise a hoof, shouting as one "For The Light!"  From noble Paladins of the highest order, coming to bring the judgement of their faith down upon the wicked, or the sheperds of the flock who selflessly work to heal those in need.  Warrior Monks, Disciplined Priests, White Mages, Battle Clerics or Jedi Knights, all answer the call of Light and the divine.

And so have you answered this call too.  Not to do battle, but to raise your pens, pencils, and digital stylus' to arms, and to capture these ponies who selflessly serve not for themselves, but for all.  Hail the Sun goddess.  Glory to the Light.  And May the Force be with you!

Look towards the Light, for its shine will only blind those of impure heart.  Bask in its radiance, and let it fill you with courage of heart, strength of spirit, and expansion of mind.  And fear not the dark, or the creatures that dwell within.

Let the ponies who stand against those of ill intent guide you, and view them below, portrayed in epic art worthy of their stature as heroes of the realms:

01. Cobralash

Be aware of giant snakes, for fighting them may cause mistakes. ~ fetchbeer

02. Hazzdawg
I will keep her safe within my heart and you shall never take her.

03. HalflingPony
Priestess of the Order of the Sacred Light

Every cleric knows turn undead, and from them those evil creatures fled! ~ fetchbeer

04. ImpCJCaesar
Uhm... this is my first upload... the uploader is telling me that I'm late. Oh well, sorry guys. I hope you'll manage to sneak this in. Thanks!

05. Kuto

Holy warriors on a quest, doing what they do best. ~ fetchbeer

06. ScuriLevenstein

07. toadstooliv
it says no theme here but the deadline is tonight so i'm still submitting

Our hero hopes nothing goes awry, for never have the stakes been so high! ~ fetchbeer

08. Philith

09. dredaich

Clawed boots and a shiny mail, this pony is ready for the trail. ~ fetchbeer

10. AbysmalAegis
Justice demands retribution!

11. A Brony Account

Standing firm against the evil cloud, in subjugation this pony has never bowed. ~ fetchbeer

12. GeminiShadows

They are, after all, on a mission from God. ~ Invidlord

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