Sunday, 16 February 2014

Week 138 Wrap Up

Fortune is a fickle mistress.  She offers with one hoof, and she takes away with the other.  The trade winds guide many along their way, ponies seeking fortunes by wind or by wave.  The world is vast, and filled with many wonderful things, some in plain sight, and some hidden.  It takes dedication, hard work, and a bit of luck... fortunes are out there to be made...

...and fortunes are out there to be lost.  Put your bits down, sidle up to the table, and play for keeps.  Your opponents all have their tells.  A bad bluff may be your key to winning big! But one bad turn of the cards, and everything might be gone.  Fortunes shift and change, as variable as weather, and twice as fierce.

Ahhhhhh, but Fortune smiles upon those who seek it this week!   Just take a look below at what riches have been come across our path :

01. dorkas

Some things are far to dear to replace, even if it's condition is a disgrace. ~ fetchbeer

02. ScuriLevenstein

03. Philith

Beware of this thieving flying thing, for it will eat everything that you bring! ~ fetchbeer

04. dredaich

05. Catseye-View

Those cursed snakes get everywhere, probably even in your hair! ~fetchbeer

06. Frostspear

07. HalflingPony

A family is a treasure most dear, no matter how wealthy you appear! ~ fetchbeer

08. Abyssal Emissary
Just a poor tribut to Escaflowne this time. :/

09. Invidlord
Night Flurry knows nothing makes him more fortunate than the Love of Dusky Down.

Some things are just far too cute, though it would be better if he wore a suit! ~ fetchbeer

10. A Brony Account
I'll finish this up eventually! I really mean it this time!

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