Sunday, 2 February 2014

Week 136 Wrap Up

Ah, a new year from the traditional calendar of our friends from the east; and with it, a new animal - so long, snake!  It's time for the Year of the Pony!

What?  You mean - ?  Huh.

Well, I've just been informed that it is not, in fact, The Year of the Pony.  Technically, it's the Year of the Horse.  To that I say - ponies, horses...  it's close enough!  We're all equines, here, so let's ring in this new year of all things four-legged and hooved!  Let fly the fireworks, and let's have a look at what all you've done for this fine week of Asian Ponies! :D

01. sixhorsepower

This pony celebrates a special year,and for 12 months he won't disappear. - fetchbeer

02. Goggle Sparks

03. ScuriLevenstein

Upon her hoof what does she spy? And will it's lines lead her awry? - fetchbeer

04. Catseye-View
Hello, this is the first time I have ever submitted to a theme so I'm not really sure what to do. Sorry if I have done anything wrong! Thanks for reading.

You've done well, and this is gorgeous.  Welcome! :D  -Lunar

05. Raeffi
I hope it is good enough (am I too late °~° ? )

In these flooded fields this pony toils, as slowly he gathers his soggy spoils. - fetchbeer

06. Abyssal Emissary
Enjoying spring early this year.

Loving the linework and simplicity of form, here! -Lunar

07. Frostspear

How many ponies does it take to a dragon make? Probably more than it takes to make a snake. - fetchbeer

08. ZeldaTheSwordsman

09. HalflingPony

10. A Brony Account

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