Sunday, 23 February 2014

Week 139 Wrap Up

Treasures fill this world, and for those who know where to look, they are theirs for the taking!  Ever is there talk of ancient artifacts of magnificent and deadly power being sold by simple thrift store merchants.  Or perhaps some kind of valuable comic book purchased second-hand from somepony who didn't even know it had mystical properties!  You can never know what you'll find with a little bit of hunting, some perseverance, and a lot of luck.

There is a certain joy in finding something wonderful among the discarded.  To find those items which have been cast off by others, broken, useless, unwanted, and then to reshape them.  To give them new purpose, or to give them better purpose!  To remake and reforge the trash of the past into the treasure of the future.  Does it ennoble the object, to give it a grander purpose?  Trash can be made into new treasure with hard work, creating an item which many desire.

And of course, for others, the definition of treasure does not merely rest in items of great worth. A diamond in the rough, some call them.  Those who might appear on the outside to be uninteresting, afraid, dull, or shy. Treasures which lie within the heart of some ponies, and it can take love and caring to nurture it to the surface, to see the gem of their true selves, and realize that deep down, a treasure awaits...

Such it is with the art found within this weeks wrap-up.  Found treasures, made treasures, and treasures from the heart... There is no trash here, only wonders for one and all:

01. ScuriLevenstein

Is it vermin digging in the trash? I heard of this there's been a rash! - fetchbeer

02. Catseye-View

03. HalflingPony
I regret nothing!

Some ponies deserve the treatment that they get, though some claim this behavior the can't permit! - fetchbeer

04. Philith

05. Silverwisp

There's no end to what you can do within a box, even reversing all the clocks! - fetchbeer

06. dredaich

07. Frostspear

There's always things to throw just lying around, they're just waiting to be found. - fetchbeer

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