Sunday, 16 March 2014

Week 142 Wrap Up

Ponies are an innately gregarious species, and any given pony will typically spend as much time as possible in the company of other ponies. Work is typically done in teams to make the job go faster, while recreation is likewise done in groups to make the time more enjoyable.

But this is not always the case, and sometimes, whether by happenstance or intent, a pony must go it alone. Perhaps a workmate is out sick, or a friend got called away for an urgent task. Perhaps they themselves got called in for an urgent job, and had no time to find somepony to assist them. Perhaps their family accidentally left them behind when they went on vacation, and... well, you know the rest. Or perhaps they simply wish to be alone for a time. Not every pony is as gregarious as the species as a whole typically is, and even the most outgoing of ponies needs a little alone time now and then.

But at any rate, you came here to look at art, not listen to me ramble. So I shall now leave you be, so that you can see what's been created:

Gallery for Week 115

02. neme567
And yes, he loves the original Snow Queen fairy tale. P.S. Don't tell anybody, that will ruin his reputation.

There are some secrets you hope no one will discover, though you could always just conceal the cover. - fetchbeer

03. Goggle Sparks

04. Catseye-View

Pinkie is never quite completely alone, there's always someone to help eat her scone. - fetchbeer

05. dredaich

06. ScuriLevenstein

Ponies with parts of their names removed, though for one at least their mood improved. - fetchbeer

07. Frostspear

08. Abyssal Emissary

Alone despite being in a crowd, that's something that should not be allowed. - fetchbeer

09. GeminiShadows

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