Sunday, 30 March 2014

Week 144 Wrap Up

A hat! A hat! My kingdom for a hat! Or was that a horse? I don't even know...

But yes, hats! Hats, headdresses, and various other forms of headwear, that's what we've got this week. Everything from cowboy hats and classic wizard wear, to high-tech regalia and even other ponies! But let's not lose our heads over all of this, and instead just see what we've got:

Gallery for Week 117

01. neme567
Nope that is not Pinkie Pie whatsoever.

This pony seems to have a brand new face, not an easy thing to replace! - fetchbeer

02. Cynos-Zilla

03. K4nK4n (aka Applestack)
Applestack's hat always makes her look fancy, no matter what mood or present fashion she's in.

She's spent some time working out, so that her muscles become a thing to flout. - fetchbeer

04. MixedScales
Heavy is the head that wears that crown.

05. ScuriLevenstein

Leave creatures be in their habitat, even if you want their hat. - fetchbeer

06. Catseye-View

07. Cobralash

Heavy not is the head that wears this crown, though it may be different when she comes down. - fetchbeer

08. AmbroseButtercrust
fanart for flutter-lost tumblr

09. Philith

That does not seem to be a hat, though it seems to have caused some combat! - fetchbeer

10. dredaich

11. Abyssal Emissary
Don't ask. I haven't got a clue.

So many ponies on this chapeau, though they might cause some pain in that neck below. - fertchbeer

12. AkiroAlpha

13. A Brony Account

This bunny is not happy about the pancake, and some heads he may soon break. - fetchbeer

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