Sunday, 2 March 2014

Week 140 Wrap Up

A simple thing, perhaps.  A strip of cloth, worn across the neck, near the face to be pulled up for warmth.  But there's a certain charm to scarves, which makes them so much more than just a utilitarian piece of clothing.  They can be any color under the rainbow, they can be long or short, tasseled, stringed, silken, wool, the list goes on!

Popular outside of winter as a fashion statement.  A little knit wool fabric strip is all it is, and yet it can catch the eye, accentuate an outfit, or by itself... define a look.  Or a dozen looks.  For some ponies, a different scarf for every ensemble, for others, one dependable scarf is best, like an old friend.

So, bundle up with a bandanna, slip into a shawl, bedeck a boa, wear a wrapping, or adorn an ascot!  Let's take a look at the unique designs and styles of some be-scarved ponies... because when it's cold outside and...

Scarves are hot.

01. Rocket Quillwing

I've never seen something so blinding, as this scarf that is a winding. - fetchbeer

02. Lord Bababa
Nothin' terribly unique or great but uh... hey I submitted something in here for once!

03. Still Waters

Is this pony bundled up to go outdoors? Or so that he can go rob stores? - fetchbeer

04. Cobralash

05. LionCrossing

That scarf seems absurdly long, but to tie ponies together it must be strong. - fetchbeer

06. ImpCJCaesar

07. AaronMk

The very picture of a pony bandito, though this one is probably after a burrito. - fetchbeer

08. Catseye-View

09. HalflingPony
You look cold...

Warmth is a wonderful thing to share, anything to fight the chilly air. - fetchbeer

10. Tomixander

11. Milanoss
My artwork for the 'Scraf' theme :)

Does a pegasus really need to worry much, for the ground they so rarely touch. - fetchbeer

12. dredaich

13. ScuriLevenstein

Magicians always seem to get carried away, and so many scarves tend to go astray. - fetchbeer

14. Goggle Sparks

15. Philith

What kind of pony would do this thing, I sure hope it's not long till spring. - fetchbeer

16. Silverwisp
Going for the obvious choice....

17. Silky-Cotton

18. Cryo-Static
Hopefully not too late.

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