Sunday, 7 December 2014

Week 180 Wrap Up

Over the past several weeks, we've seen pony themes covering all four of the classical elements of nature: Water Ponies, Air Ponies, Earth Ponies, and Fire Ponies. And now, we add Crystal Ponies to the list. Now you may be wondering why Crystals would be important in this set of themes. After all, a crystal would normally be considered part of the Earth element. The reason would be the centerpiece of crystal pony civilization: the Crystal Heart! This artifact's magical power connects directly to the emotional state of the empire's citizens, with the Heart's magic growing stronger as the crystal ponies emotions grow more positive.

Indeed, this artifact shows pretty clearly that 'Heart' can be a very powerful force. And when you combine Heart with the classic four elements, you get a force for good that no corrupt villain can stand against! So, all together now:


By your powers combined, I am Captain Equestria!

Gallery for Week 153

01. nunitko

Such a shiny little pony, and only slightly stony. - fetchbeer

02. Speedy526745

How does one become this shade of blue? Do you use a dyed shampoo? - fetchbeer

03. Blast

Just standing there being green, all calm and lovely and serene. - fetchbeer

05. ScuriLevenstein

Public restroom attract strange folks, though at least no one in this one smokes. - fetchbeer

06. dredaich

This pony seems to be their own night light, at least they won't have a nocturnal fright. - fetchbeer

07. Schluberlubs

Charging at the enemy at full speed, hoping that you'll be the one to succeed! -fetchbeer

08. DazDroid1995
Crystel Hall

Frozen in place for all of time, creating an atmosphere quite sublime. - fetchbeer

09. AaronMk
"Her... Majesties Celestia of Equestria. Empress of the ponykind, queen of Unicornia, and of Pegasopolis, and of Canterlot and Earth. Duchess of the Everfree. Raiser of the sun, first of her... their name of the Celestial House. Slightly more serious attempt at the EQD ATG prompt."

The throne from which the sun is raised, and on which her majesty is praised! - fetchbeer

10. HalflingPony
Denizens of the Frozen North

Always be open to make a new friend, though carnivores i can't recommend. - fetchbeer

11. A Brony Account

Now obsessed with nicer glasses, at least now he no longer torments the masses. - fetchbeer

12. Jezendar

Was this pony exposed to radiation? Or did sugar cause this aberration? - fetchbeer

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