Sunday, 14 December 2014

Week 181 Wrap Up

Oh dear, I'm gonna be late! I gotta write this quickly, if I'm gonna have any chance of finishing before the deadline. I wish I could've started working on this earlier, but things have just been so hectic recently. Between working on various projects, the Newbie Artist's Training Grounds, and helping to run the ATG Alumni, I've just got so much time and so little to do!

Scratch that, reverse it.

And I'm not the only one who's been busy as of late. A great many people have been rushing around, trying to accomplish all that they need and/or want to do. But fortunately, some time was found for more creative purposes, showcasing some of the ponies who have been very busy in their own right:

Gallery for Week 154

01. Blastradiuss
Who said I'm stressed?? I'm not stressed. I'm just fine! *twitch twitch* STOP SAYING I'M STRESSED! waffles.

So many things and no time at all, almost makes you want to bawl. - fetchbeer

02. Speedy526745

Be careful of books stacked far too high, for soon things may go awry. - fetchbeer

03. dredaich

So tired after so much work, but that's not a thing one can shirk. - fetchbeer

04. ScuriLevenstein

No matter the fatigue the show must go on, even if you must suppress a yawn! - fetchbeer

05. Jezendar
When Minuette volunteered to help set up for the Equestrian Winter Games, she never really considered exactly how many different sports would be showcased, or how much equipment they would collectively utilize.

Why do these sports take so much gear? Why can't they all just use a spear? - fetchbeer

06. A Brony Account

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