Sunday, 21 December 2014

Week 182 Wrap Up

I am of the belief that you can never be too old to enjoy the things that you loved in childhood. Maybe you can find new appreciations for them, maybe you never lost your old appreciation.

Maybe the joy comes in passing toys on to your own children and seeing them experience the same joy you felt. These are treasures old and new, timeless joys and nostalgic visions.

What wondrous things have been given to these ponies to toy with this Hearth's Warming Eve? Well, I don't know about you, but the suspense is killing me! Let's rip through the gift paper, open the box, and see what joys your art has bestowed:


A tiny princess to rule your tree, and issue a holiday decree! - fetchbeer

02. SkywalkerGirl666

Tiny ponies and tiny hoops, to recreate those dramatic swoops! - fetchbeer

03. SkywalkerGirl666

I wonder if anyone gawks, at a hook and eyepatch wearing fox. - fetchbeer

04. Blast

Giving yourself as a present, in that bunny may breed dissent. - fetchbeer

05. Speedy526745

A tiny friend as a plaything, to which you can hug and cling. - fetchbeer

06. Vaser888

A bear is very nice to hug, and the are always nice and snug. - fetchbeer

07. TheThunderPony

A doll of your sister for when she's not near, to continue to bring you love and cheer. - fetchbeer

08. dredaich

Playing with your little blocks as you think outside the box. - fetchbeer

09. WovenTales

Even a changeling has a favorite toy, to play with when they are not trying to destroy. - fetchbeer

10. ScuriLevenstein

It is not wise to toy with some ponies, but otherwise do as you please. - fetchbeer

11. DazDroid1995
WOn't tO pLAy?!?

12. HalflingPony

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