Sunday, 4 January 2015

Week 184 Wrap Up

Welcome, 2015! A new year is upon us, and that means... a new year of themes, art, ponies, and best of all... friends. With the end of the holiday season behind us, I do hope that each and everyone spent the time with those you love.

Ponies most of all spend the holidays cozied up with friends and family. There's no fields to work, no crops to bring in. The weather outside is cold, a purifying blanket of snow to rejuvenate the land for next year. And so, what are these ponies doing over the long holiday break?

Ponies celebrating the holidays snuggle up, they play games in the snow, and many ways more. So with the wrap up of this Hearth's Warming Eve season, let's take a look below and see how they celebrate the holidays; 'Pony Style'!

Gallery for Week 184

01. Speedy526745

Such a snugly little family pic, to take it the must be quick. - fetchbeer

02. Paradoxical
To many Jews, the sign of being home for the holidays is one of the heads of household lighting candles.

How bright are these candles that have been lit? By causing blindness are they unfit? - fetchbeer

03. ScuriLevenstein

Family with rocks in space? Seems they'd be hard to embrace. - fetchbeer

04. Vaser888

Hugs are a nice gift to receive, and big smiles they do retrieve. - fetchbeer

05. cobralash

What do these ponies do in the palace ground? It seems they mainly stand around. - ftechbeer

06. dredaich

Taking the children for a walk, though they get to ride so they won't baulk. - fetchbeer

07. ForwardBias

The little things are what makes being home so nice, just don't give your parents mice. - fetchbeer

08. daExile

Some ponies never seem to want to wake, and others are up before day break. - fetchbeer

09. A Brony Account

Hugging a princess is so nice, but for most any pony will suffice. - fetchbeer

10. Blastradiuss

This family has such a lot of love to share, it would be hard to find another family that compares. - fetchbeer

11. HalflingPony

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  1. Actually when lighting one covers their eyes