Sunday, 18 January 2015

Week 186 Wrap Up

Ahh, it's been a good week. Basking in the glow of all these ponies happy smiles. The warmth of the radiant sunshine, or perhaps the glowing aura of the mysterious moon? Well, no matter the source, ponies just seem to generally enjoy the light, don't they?  Even Eternal Night isn't all that gloomy when you look up into the sky and see the moon and stars lighting the way... of course, there are other problems with eternal night, but that's not what we're here for this time!

Sunlight, Moonlight, Neon light, or just plain light bulbs, a glow isn't necessarily something coming from outside. Some ponies possess an inner glow, a warmth and light from within that bolsters those around them. They stand up against the dark, laughing at the scary, radiating with kindness, or generosity.  They are loyal, faithful, honesty, and... well, I think you may guess who I'm referring to with that.

And, of course, I'd be remiss without referring to the radiant beauty of a special somepony... but... that might just be me. It's... it's all in the eyes. Those kind of eyes which draw you into the infinite depths, like the light of eternity which makes even the stars seem dim and garish. Her smile, like a warm hug that raises the heart up to the heavens. *sigh*... I think I'm in love.

Err... I mean... art! That's what you're here for, right? These shining examples of this weeks theme, all presented here. So brighten up, take a look, and shine on you crazy diamonds!

01. Speedy526745

More precise you should probably be, or more neon nights I do foresee. - fetchbeer

02. Vaser888
Had a lot of fun drawing this^^

Watching the stars shine so far away, wondering what you missed during the the day. - fetchbeer

03. Paradoxical
It's not easy to make a pony look radiant. And to make Pinkie look radiant, not normal for Pinkie it's harder than usual. I think I acquitted myself well. I have some examples of prototypes for this picture and my thoughts on them at my deviantart account.

Is this the one ring to rule them all? Or maybe just those in the mall? - fetchbeer

04. ArtemaSunset

Does this pony glow in the dark? Or maybe this is just a static spark. - fetchbeer

05. cobralash

A small creature in a jar to light the gloom, and bring a glimmer to your room. - fetchbeer

06. DazDroid1995
Let the night rave on

Glowing streaks floating in the air, a wandering eye will quickly ensnare. - fetchbeer

07. DCHorror

Magic can be a tricky thing, and explosive surprises it can bring. - fetchbeer

08. dredaich

This pony is just to bright to see, though someone blind before might disagree. - fetchbeer

09. RemnantViscera
Firefly is best pony.

Running down a rainbow's light, having a bit of fun in mid flight. - fetchbeer

10. ScuriLevenstein

Always wondered what happens when the lights are off? It may just involve a giant moth. - fetchbeer

11. HalflingPony
A Relationship Full of Warm Feelings

12. A Brony Account

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